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Salon Texture

Salon Texture located in downtown Evanston, just 1.9 miles north of Chicago, is filled with artistic flair in a creative, laid-back environment. At Salon Texture, our philosophy is to listen, educate & create a versatile hair cut and customized color changes that meet your needs. We take into consideration your life style, natural hair texture, facial features, and any special requirements when assessing your personal style and color. We strive to build and maintain lasting relationships with each and every client. We look forward to being part of your life!

Certified Stylists

Yuki Lisa Lee
Owner/ Stylist
Overall Rating:
(Based on 10 Reviews)
by Marley Whitmore on 07/26/2020
Curl Type: Tight Curls
I lovvveeee! My haircut! My curls grew out, shapeless and boring. Honestly, my hair looked like a big triangle - so disappointing. But now, I’ve got so much volume and shape to my hair after Yuki got her hands on it. I’m so happy to have found her salon!
by Pamela Scherer on 05/31/2020
Curl Type: Classic Curls
I have been getting my hair cut from Yuri for over 3 years and not only do I love my hair when I leave her salon; Yuri cuts hair in such a way that it still looks fabulous as it grows out. She knows curly hair so well, that all I need to say is "do your thing" and I get a fantastic haircut. Not only is she a great hairstylist; she has an adorable personality. Highly recommend!!
by Deborah Moss on 11/16/2018
Curl Type: Classic Curls
I came after finding the salon on Ouidad's certified salon list. When I arrived my curly hair was down to the middle of my back when wet. I asked to please shape it up and keep as much length as possible, knowing I'd need to lose some dead ends. Twice throughout the cut I asked how much length was coming off and was reassured "not much." At the end of the cut I panicked when I saw how short it was - barely below my shoulders when soaking wet. When I commented, I was told "aw don't panic babe, you needed it." That is not the stylist's place to unilaterally decide without my consent when I had made my wishes abundantly clear. The cut/shape isn't great either, certainly not the quality I experienced in my years as a client at the Ouidad NYC flagship salon. I'll likely need to find another place in the next few weeks to get it reshaped, which unfortunately will likely mean losing even more length. I cried the whole way home; it will take me years to get back my length. I measured the next time I washed my hair and she cut off between 5 and 6 inches, maybe more. If I wanted to lose that much length I would have waited a bit longer and donated the hair.
by Debi on 09/08/2013
Curl Type: WAVY
While visiting from Los Angeles and having used Ouidad products for at least 10 years, I decided I wanted to cut my knee-length hair. Yuki gave me the best haircut of my life. She carved and sliced in Aug.'13 and a month later people are still stopping me to compliment my haircutcurls.Fantastic
by Jaime on 05/02/2013
Curl Type: NONE
For the first time in my life, I really love my hair! Yuki did an amazing job....the curls are so much more manageable now. It's an expensive cut, but absolutely worth it for hair that I love. They also taught me how to style it! I can't imagine going anywhere else after going to Salon Texture.
by CINDY on 04/15/2013
Curl Type: WAVY
Mosella has taught me how to enjoy my wavy curls. She has a lot of patience and explains every detail of the Ouidad styling techniques. Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff.
by Cindy on 03/28/2013
Curl Type: WAVY
I have always had wavy hair but lately as I am getting older it was getting more frizzy and just plain unmanagable. . Yuki did an excellent job as well as the other lady who styled it, they are both very knowledable. Thank you very much my hair looks GREAT!! I will be back . no more room left to
by Francesca on 09/07/2011
Curl Type: NONE
What a great experience! Yuki is a lot of fun, and she is extremely competent in the Ouidad Carve and Slice. My hair was in pretty bad shape when I saw her and I feel like I have a whole new head of hair now. Also, splurge and get the Deep Treatment - it's worth every penny!
by beth on 06/18/2011
Curl Type: NONE
Yuki is a Ouidad enthusiast. She knows the cuts, products and styling techniques. Her salon is a space within a gorgeous old Evanston building, and you are made to feel welcome as soon as you pass through the front door. Yuki's wall and textile art adorn the salon, giving the place an original feel. Angela fronts the desk, and she is kind and accommodating. This was a welcome change as my former salon had become so big that you felt as if you were a mere cog in a factory production line as you waited to get checked in at the front desk. Besides giving me a great cut, Yuki demonstrated styling techniques and ways to revitalize my hair on Days 2 and 3. Really a positive experience!
by Hector on 05/02/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
I recently had a ouidad cut by Yuki. My curls were very dry and flat on top. Yuki did an awesome job she gave me a great haircut and a deep treatment. Now I have more bounce and curl all over.

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