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by Jeaneen Witt on 12/17/2014
Curl Type: Tight Curls
I had an amazing first experience at Salon Ciseaux! I have never before been to a salon that knew how to work with my extreme curls and very thick hair. Though I have had decades of experience working with my hair and using the Ouidad products, I learned a lot from Arlene on how to make better use of the products so that I could get a few days out of my style with the rake & shake method. The carve & slice cutting method has made my hair much easier to work with. Arlene was really fantastic and I will definitely go to her again for a touch-up to this cut every 3 months. My 20 year old wavy curled daughter went with me and she too loved the cut and style and intends to go back for it again in the coming year.
by Breeona on 07/21/2014
Curl Type: TIGHT
I located Salon Ciseaux from the Ouidad website. I drove an hour to the salon and I was definitely not disappointed! Arlene was fantastic! I was making a huge change and cutting my hair really short. She was patient with me and extremely knowledgable. Highly highly recommend! Best cut EVER!
by Genevieve on 02/18/2014
Curl Type: NONE
Tried Salon Ciseaux on a whim while vacationing from up north, and after Ouidad cuts at my Wash. DC area salon that were good, but not perfect. I was kindly fit into this salon at short notice for an appt. with Arlene and WOW!! Hands-down, BEST CUT EVER!! Arlene, you rock!!
by Fatima on 02/08/2014
Curl Type: CURLY
After years of searching for hair stylists that specialized in textured hair, I found Salon Ciseaux. Arlene embraced my unique hair challenges, explained the Ouidad Carve & SliceRake & Shake philosophy, how to use products and gave me great tips to follow at home. I LOVE my CURLS!! Thanks Arlene!
by Joy on 01/17/2014
Curl Type: CURLY
I have been driving four hours one way for a Ouidad cut. I'm so happy to have a great stylist like Jen in my town! She did a great job and the salon was so clean. Everyone there made me feel so welcome. I LOVE my curls since I discovered Ouidad!!!
by Marianne on 12/17/2013
Curl Type: WAVY
First time ever getting a Ouidad carve&slice with rake&shake. Arlene was amazing. Gave me great tips for my hair and recommendations. Overall was a pleasurable experience. Will definitely be back in the future!
by Rachelle on 11/21/2013
Curl Type: KINKY
I got my first hair cut and color from Arlene, best salon experience I've had! The staff was very friendly. Arlene was very informative, super professional and understanding. She's the best! She's very knowledgeable about hair care. She was able to show me how to care for my hair. Awesome woman!
by Lizbeth on 01/12/2013
Curl Type: TIGHT
This is such a beautiful salon! The entire staff was so nice and upbeat. I got my hair cut by Arlene and I must say I have never been so pleased with a hair cut in my life! She is amazing and so nice!
by Kimberly on 10/08/2012
Curl Type: WAVY
I have gotten to great haircuts from Arlene since moving to the Orlando area. She has given me some great tips on how to style and care for my curly hair. Love it!!
by Joy on 06/26/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
Mary Beth was awesome! She was so thorough at explaining everything she was doing with the products. She gave me lots of styling tips as well! I'm having a good hair day every day now. My haircut and style was well worth the four hour drive!!!
by Rae on 12/09/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
I finally found the place to go for all my naturally curly hair needs! The entire staff is warm and informative. Arlene really knows curl and the life it has of its own. I have never received so many compliments on my hair in one day! Thank you for helping me fall in love with my curls!
by Lillian on 11/13/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
What an Amazing experience! I loved the salon, the staff, the products and most of all my Stylist Arlene. She explained everything in detail, which helped me to duplicate the look myself. The hour and a half drive was well worth it. My hair has never...did I say never, looked this good.
by Danielle on 09/29/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
Jamie was great, really knowledgeable about curly hair, I love the Ouidad products, by my hair looks even better with the right cut!
by Joy on 08/01/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
I was on vacation and found a Ouidad salon about an hour away. I have NEVER had so many compliments on my hair. Every day since Arlene cut my hair is a GREAT hair day! She explained everything so I could do it at home. Now I will drive 3 and a half hours for my next Ouidad cut!
by Melissa on 05/21/2011
Curl Type: TIGHT
Ryan has always cut my curly hair and done a great job but now that he's Ouidad certified, it's perfection! My hair feels lighter and the curls are more shapely and lively. When I came home, my son said it was the best my hair has ever looked! This method works with your curls instead of against them. It took a while but I am stoked that I can finally get a Ouidad cut and style in central Florida. I'm spreading the word to all the curly heads! Thanks again, Ryan!
by Thea on 05/20/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
I travel 2 hours to get to Ryan for my ouidad haircut and will continue to do so!! He does such an amazing job as he is a brilliant stylist. I recommend him to everyone I know! His ouidad knowledge and abilities have saved my life and made my hair beautiful and manageable. The products are wonderful and easy to use and he does a great job explaining how to use them. I am so thankful for Ryan and the ouidad haircut he gave me, I always receive many compliments about how pretty my hair is
by Helaine on 03/07/2011
Curl Type: NONE
I have been traveling 3 12 hours for the past 6 years for a Ouidad haircut and I am SO excited to have such a wonderful salon so close to home 4 miles! Arlene knows her stuff and gave me a fabulous cut. She is an extremely friendly and nice person as well. The salon is lovely and the staff is so nice!
by Maria on 02/02/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
After 1 12 years of having started to use Ouidad products, a salon was certified by Ouidad in my area. Salon Ciseaux is great and Cathy did a more than wonderful cut on my hair. I was already happy with what the products had done with my hair, with the Ouidad cut, it was just amazing. It is a hair cut like no other I have ever seen before and makes perfect sense as it follows the nature of curls. I cannot express myself the way I would like, there are no words. The salon is great and beautiful and everyone is very helpful and nice. Thanks Ouidad. Thanks Cathy. Thanks Salon Ciseaux.

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