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Prisma Hair Design

Welcome to Prisma Hair World

Prisma Hair Design is located in Toronto at 2409 Yonge St, two blocks north of Eglinton Ave on the East side.

Prisma Hair Design was found in 1993 with the purpose of delivering special hair craftsmanship to our clients. One of the special pleasures of being a part of Prisma Hair Design is to be able to share our knowledge and experience with others. Our main objective is to serve our clients with professionalism and dedication. Our service is second to none and our staff is always there when needed. While we are proficient in color & color correction, hard to perm hair, straight hair precision cutting, we specialize in Cutting Naturally Curly Hair. We are Canada's first and only Ouidad Certified Salon Curl Experts. Mimmo's passion for hair is second to none. He will be glad to give you the attention that you deserve. You will leave Prisma pleased and hair educated. We are small, but we are great.

Please come and visit us, take a look around and feel free to send us your comments.

Thank you.

For more information check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PrismaHairDesign

Certified Stylists

Senior Stylist, Artistic Director
Overall Rating:
(Based on 22 Reviews)
by Sharyn on 11/18/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
Fantastic! It doesn't get any better than this! I truly felt like I was in one of those make over tv shows. I have had unruly dry frizzy curls that has been cut wrong my whole life. After one day at this salon, getting the right cut and treatment for my hair type, my curls are more manageable.
by Susan on 10/01/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
I've had 2 Carve & Slice cuts by Mimmo since 2012. The products & the cut work together to give me my most managable, less frizzy curls ever. Patient Stephania showed me how to syle my hair, including how to sleep on it for less flattened curls in the morning. I'll be back soon. Susan Hoffman
by Easterblossom on 07/28/2012
Curl Type: NONE
My third Ouidad stylist and by far the best cut! Mimmo and Stefania were just lovely and created a wonderful experience. I've had my hair cut at the Ouidad salons in LA and NYC, and this was the best! Thank you!!!
by Barbara on 07/11/2012
Curl Type: WAVY
Never in my 59 years have I had a haircut remotely as good as the one Mimmo gave me! He was so attentive and so precise with every snip. Stephania followed up with an expert application of color and a highly skilled rake and shake. The results were astonishingly good.
by Karyn on 06/24/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
I had wanted to try Ouidad for several years. I'm so sorry it took me so long to finally book an appointment with Mimo. Mimo and his entire staff are exceptional.This is the happiest I've been with my hair in years. Loving all of my Ouidad products as well.
by Judy on 05/20/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
I have the hair i dreamed of, nice soft curls. The product Ouidad and the hair cut make the style amazing. thanks Mimmo and Stefania i love my new look.Judy Antecol
by Judy on 01/31/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
Last summer I decided to get the softening treatment for my fizzy curly hair. Not an easy decision since it is very expensive. However, 5 months later my hair is still relaxed and very easy to manage. Mimmo and Stefania are a great team giving me the best haircut I have ever had. Judy Hildebrand
by Melanie on 11/23/2011
Curl Type: KINKY
Over 3 years of waiting and no haircuts, I finally made the 4.5 hr trip to this salon, with high hopes and carte blache. My long curls were assessed, treated, cut and styled to a level that I could never imagine!! I posted regular updates on facebook and everyone was in awe, mostly me. THANK YOU
by Elisabeth on 05/31/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
Like many with curly locks I have had my fair share of bad hair cuts and money wasted on numerous hair products that weighed my curls or worse yet left them feeling stiff! I had pretty much given up on my curly hair when I came across an Ouidad product mentioned in a magazine article and immediately had to Google the name to find out more about it. When I learned that a certified salon was located in Toronto I decided that I had nothing to lose and made an appointment although I will admit I was still a bit hesitant. I am certainly glad I took the leap of faith! Mimmo gave me the most amazing hair cut and color and with Stefanias great job of demonstrating the product I have fallen in love with my curls! My Ouidad experience at Prisma was amazing and well worth it.
by melissa on 02/24/2011
Curl Type: CURLY
I live in Buffalo and I travel 2hrs. to Prisma and it is worth it to have a stylist who is trained in curly hair verses a stylist who says they know curly hair. I started with the Ouidad Salon in NYC and was hooked on their care of curly hair and products. I found Mimmo and Stephania by locating the closest salon in my area and the rest is history. When I foung the right salon nothing can come between me and my stylist. Mimmo and Stephania are not only excellent technicians in the art of curls, but lovely people.Melissa
by Kristen on 02/15/2011
Curl Type: TIGHT
Both Mimmo and Stephania worked on my then 3 year old daughters hair. She is completely blind and doesn't take to having her hair done. They were absolutely wonderful with her and with her hair. They didn't try to rush through to get her out of the chair but instead gave her a quality Ouidad cut and style. Not only was their work superb their manners and how they related to such a young child was outstanding. Now almost 6 months later she still talks about going to see them and having them cut her hair. I have been to other Ouidad certified salons in the past as there are none in our area we visit a salon when we happen to be traveling nearby but theirs is superior to all the others.
by Shari on 09/15/2010
Curl Type: CURLY
I have been going to Prisma for 5 years and still can't believe the difference the Ouidad method and products make. Mimmo is a fabulous stylist and Stefania is such a talented teacher. You will leave here knowing how to recreate your best look every day.
by Kelly on 03/05/2010
Curl Type: NONE
Getting my hair cut and styled at Prisma was an amazing experience. Normally I absolutely dread getting my hair cut since the stylists were never sure how to handle my hair even though they all CLAIMED they did! I was always made sure I was going home directly after the cut since once they were finished my hair would be horribly frizzy. My experience at Prisma was entirely different from any other hair cutting experience I have ever had. Mimmo is exceptionally skilled and when Stefania styled my hair I was astounded - I have no idea my hair could do defined ringlets what Stefania taught me how to do! I was aware of this salon for a couple of years before I went for my cut - but I was always reluctant to go there because of the cost of the cut. However, I have since realized that it truly is an investment - can anyone really put a price on ending bad hair days?! My cut has had amazing staying power and thanks to the styling lesson I have been able to keep my curls looking great. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone with curls. Thanks Mimmo and Stefania! -Kelly B
by Susan on 01/13/2010
Curl Type: NONE
The Prisma curly hair specialists have changed not only my hair, but my LIFE! I used to worry about the weather, the style, the curl. Now the combination of the cut, style technique and products has created an amazing look younger, thicker, unique, natural, simply the best I've ever had! I highly recommend the salon..the people are so helpful, they care.
by lena on 12/11/2009
Curl Type: CURLY
Every since early 2000 when I began using Ouidad products, I always sought out to find a Ouidad certified salon whenever I travelled since there was none in Chicago until recently. While travelling to Toronto, I decided to visit Prisma Hair Design. There, Mimmo and his daughter, Stefania, took care of me and brought life to my curls since I had been waiting to cut my hair at a Ouidad salon. I loved my haircut and I look forward to visiting them again!!
by Roshni on 09/11/2009
Curl Type: WAVY
I had my hair done at Prisma hair Design by Mimmo in Toronto. This was the best haircut I have had. Not only did he cut the hair to provide me with optimal curls, but they showed my how to style it as well to prevent frizz. I will definitely go back.
by Shayna on 08/26/2009
Curl Type: NONE
I am a high school student who visits Prisma approximately twice a year for a cut that lasts a while and requires very little maintenance. My parents had been to Prisma for a couple of years already when they decided to take me before my elementary school grad. I had never really been happy with other salons that are completely out of the blue when it comes to curly hair. But going to Mimmo and Stefania changed the way I feel about my hair. It is no longer a giant frizz ball on top of my head, but an ornate set of curls that I am not afraid to show. Thanks goodness for the products!!! Thank you Prisma!
by Gabi on 08/25/2009
Curl Type: NONE
We don't have a certified salon in my little home town, but I was excited to find out about Prisma in Tornoto through your website. It was worth the long drive! Mimmo cut my hair the way they should be cut! Finally, I have my curls in control thanks to Mimmo's cut and the the right products that he picked out for me. I will be back.
by Deborah on 08/16/2009
Curl Type: NONE
It's been a few months since my cut - I didn't want to write a review until I had lived with my hair for a while. Mimmo gave me a great cut, and the styling tutorial has helped me keep the look. And the best part is that I can actually see - that's been a problem for me for a while. I believe in full disclosure, so I feel it necessary to add that this is an investment - both financial and in time. The cut and products are not cheap, and the styling does take more time than I'm used to. Having said that, it is more than worth it for me as my hair looks great and I don't need to have my hair cut as often. I just wanted to make sure you had all the information going in so you'd be prepared. Thanks to Mimmo and his staff!
by Kristine on 08/02/2009
Curl Type: CURLY
I was very excited to make my appointment when I found out I would be going to Toronto for a few days because we don't have a certified salon in Winnipeg. I had heard about Ouidad from a friend and was looking forward to my own 'makeover'! Mimmo was very helpful and did a great job with my hair. As I walked out of the the salon with my supply of Ouidad products, I felt like a new person and was looking at my reflection in every window that I could find! Thanks Prisma Salon! Looking forward to coming back!
by Terrie on 07/20/2009
Curl Type: NONE
Since we do not have a certified salon is Chicago, I made an appointment at Prisma as soon as I knew that we would be visiting Toronto. What a difference one visit can make!Although I was using Ouidad products, my haircuts had always left my hair flat and triangular a la a pyramid! Mimmo changed it all with his haircut and advice on which products to use. Stefania then did the educating and styling. Both of them were patient and very supportive. Today, I was running late and did not have time to spray my hair with the leave-in conditioner, and it still looks good not as good as if I sprayed it, but not bad. I plan to continue going to Toronto for haircuts. The difference is amazing. Thank you Mimmo and Stefania.!
by Cynthia on 06/07/2009
Curl Type: CURLY
I highly recommend this salon! The experience at Prisma was the same as in NYC! I love the haircut that Mimmo gave me and Stefania styled my hair awesome! It looked great for the whole time I was in Toronto! I am definitely going back there in the future! I'm so glad I found a salon as good and driving distance from my house! Thank you Prisma Salon! See you soon!

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