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What’s new on the NEW Ouidad.com?
At Ouidad, we believe the first step to loving your curls is understanding them. That’s why we have reinvented Ouidad.com as the ultimate resource for understanding and embracing your curls. On the new Ouidad.com, you will find:

  • Care regimens curated specifically for your curl type
  • Expert stylist tips
  • How-to videos
  • Easier navigation
  • Faster, simpler shopping

And as always, you will receive free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more, plus a free product sample with every purchase. Enjoy!

Why can’t I view my recent orders/order status?
For technical reasons, order history and information for orders placed between 7/22/2014 – 11/10/2014 is not yet available via the customer account dashboard on the website. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I recently created an account. Why is it no longer available?
For technical reasons, accounts registered between 7/28/2014 – 11/10/2014 were not transferred during our site update. We apologize for any inconvenience, and kindly request that you register a new account.

I have a registered account. Why is my password unrecognized?
For security reasons, we did not transfer passwords for existing registered users during our site update. We apologize for any inconvenience, and kindly request that you change your password here: https://www.ouidad.com/customer/account/forgotpassword/


Salon Professionals can update their passwords using this link: https://professional.ouidad.com/customer/account/forgotpassword/


Where can I find Ouidad's products?
Ouidad products are distributed through the Ouidad Flagship Salons in New York and Santa Monica, the certified salons through the United States, Sephora, Ulta, and ouidad.com. Use our salon/retailer locator to find a location nearest you. You can also place your now order on ouidad.com or by calling 1-800-677-4247.

Where can I find a Ouidad Certified salon?
If you are interested in connecting with a stylist who truly understands curls and how to cut and curly hair, use our salon locator to find the Ouidad Certified Salon nearest you.

What is Carving & Slicing®?
Carving & Slicing® is a method for cutting and styling curly hair developed by Ouidad. It is a method so unique, that Ouidad has been awarded a US Trademark. Expertly developed for the unique make up of curly hair, the procedure is designed to help curls cup gracefully into each other, instead of stacking up on top of each other. By taking one section of the hair at a time and slicing lightly with the wave of the curl, so the curls will cup gracefully into each other, instead of stacking on top of each other. Ouidad certified stylists will never "Thin" or "Layer" your curly hair.


I just placed an order on Ouidad.com. How long will it take to receive it?
Orders received by 2:45pm EST are normally processed and shipped that same day. Orders placed after 2:45pm EST are not eligible for same-day processing. Standard processing time is one business day. Delivery times are based on orders placed Monday – Friday. Expected delivery time is two to eight business days.

Occasionally delays do occur while orders are in the hands of the delivery carrier. Ouidad has no control over these delays nor are we notified of these delays. Should you become aware of any issue and require assistance, please contact us. We provide a link with your order confirmation email, which will allow you to track your order.

Please note: Orders containing Styling Mist and/or Shine Glaze Serum are not eligible for expedited delivery. The U.S. Department of Transportation restricts air shipments of items that could contribute to a fire or other mishap on board an aircraft. These items must be shipped by ground-only transport. Shipments containing these products will be delivered via FedEx SmartPost or UPS Ground service. Regrettably, these items cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Where do you ship orders placed on Ouidad.com?
Ouidad ships throughout the continental United States, as well as to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Territories. Delivery outside the U.S. is available via UPS Express Air or UPS Expedited Air service. For complete details, please refer to our complete shipping policy.

What is your return policy?
Ouidad.com offers a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee on all of its products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or gift for any reason, please return it for a refund. For complete details, please refer to our complete return policy.


Which Ouidad products will work best for me?
The key to discovering the best products for your individual curls is understanding your curl type and condition. Visit the Education pages on our site to learn why curls are different, to identify your curl type, and for guidance on finding the best products for your unique curls.

Will Deep Treatment weigh down thin hair?
Ouidad's Deep Treatment will not weigh down hair. Because Deep Treatment works from the inside out to restore the proteins and amino acids critical for moisture retention and a healthy moisture balance, it does not coat the outside of hair or weigh it down. Rather it strengthens hair, leaving it free of frizz and full of shine.

How many applications of Deep Treatment do I need before I will feel the results?

Most people feel noticeable results from the first treatment. All hair, especially curly hair, loses proteins and amino acids that are the building blocks of strong, healthy hair. For some, harsh chemical treatments or heat styling accelerates the rate of loss. Your curly hair requires periodic replenishment of proteins, amino acids and moisture, at least once a month, to maintain its healthy luster and shine.

Can I use Deep Treatment if I color my hair?
If you color-treat your hair there are a few things you should know. First, Ouidad generally recommends using semi-permanent colors for curly hair because they are gentler than other coloring options. You will find that regular use of the Deep Treatment will help your color “take” better and last longer because when the protein chain in the hair is more complete, it can better hold color molecules.

For great color results, do a Deep Treatment about 3 days before your color process. If you have just gotten fresh color, wait up to 10 days before doing your deep treatment. Although the Deep Treatment formula itself will not strip color from your hair, it does require heating your hair, which will relax the cuticle edge and allow color to leach from the hair. By waiting at least 10 days you will allow your color to set and not risk color leaching.

My hair color comes out uneven. The top is lighter than the bottom. Why?
Commonly, the top layers of hair take the most abuse from the elements (sun, wind, etc.) to mechanical stress (shampooing, wet combing, brushing etc.) This abuse leaves this area of hair devoid of the connecting proteins that remain intact within the lower layers of hair. Without the connecting proteins, hair cannot hold the color in the melanin layer as well, while the stronger, under layers can, resulting in the perceived variance of color tone. With regular use of Ouidad's Deep Treatment, you will increase the health of the upper layers and dramatically lessen, if not eliminate, this color variance problem.

What if my hair is mature and hard to color?
Mature or graying hair may be resistant to color in general. Your stylist might try using a lower volume activator and leave the color on longer to give it time to take more gently. This will help the color take to gray hair better. A common mistake stylists make is to increase the color activator in an attempt to overpower the gray. This is counterproductive and harmful to curly hair.

Please keep in mind that the special body changes and hormonal swings you may experience, as your body ages, can cause dryness and dullness to hair, and some hair loss. Be more diligent with your Deep Treatments and increase their frequency to maintain pliability and manageability to your hair.

I am African American with straightened hair. Will your products work for me?
Perm and straightening processes leave curly hair in a delicate and vulnerable condition and repair is proportional to damage. The good news is that any proteins that have not been completely flattened by the straightening process can be plumped up and given new life. Ouidad has developed a special method for softening hair that incorporates the Deep Treatment resulting in more softness and manageability. Regular use of the Deep Treatment maintains these benefits.

How can I heat Ouidad's Deep Treatment without a salon type hood dryer?
Your hair needs to heat thoroughly to relax the cuticle edge and allow the adsorption of key ingredients. Hood dryers are best because they evenly distribute the heat all over the hair at once. Using a hood dryer, you should be able to warm your hair thoroughly in about 15 to 20 minutes (a little longer for thick or long hair that has been gathered up).

Some other methods are sleeping with the plastic cap on your hair overnight after you have warmed up the cap with a hand held blow dryer, sitting in a sauna at the gym, warm towels wrapped around your hair or using the bonnet hair dryer that attaches to a blow dryer. When using any of these other methods you’ll need to increase the heating time to be sure to warm the hair evenly and completely.


Does too much protein dry out my hair?
Some proteins can make hair stiff and lead to brittle, dry feeling hair. But protein does not dry out the hair; rather it amplifies the feeling of dryness in hair that is already dry. For that reason Ouidad uses moisturizing proteins that restore elasticity to the hair.


How do I Rake & Shake?
Divide damp hair into sections. Spread a nickel-size dollop through each section, with fingers separated like a rake. To ensure even distribution, begin at the nape of the neck, raking fingers through under-sections. When finished, hold the ends of hair in each section and shake to create curls. Let hair air-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.

View a video tutorial here.