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From Ouidad Flasgship Salon (Santa Monica)

I have had a passion for hair since I was a child. When most children would ask for toys for Christmas, I would ask for salon shampoo and conditioner.

Double Detangler

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Double Detangler

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What curl trends are you seeing on the runways or in the fashion magazines or on the streets?

This year it will be 8 yrs working for Ouidad! Yeahhh...I started working for Ouidad in Florida, "the humidity capital," then moved to the Flagship salon in NYC, hot, sticky summers and cold, windy winters, and now LA "dry air,dry hair." I've experienced curly hair in all climates.

Throughout my travels I've come to notice that all Ouidad clients may not have the same curl patterns, the same color hair, or even texture. But one thing we all do have is "Curly Hair." Listen, I've been there....the fear of the haircut. Don�t cut too much...only cut an inch...not too short on the layers. You know what I'm talking about. I'm proud to say that those days are over.

We are trained by Ouidad to analyze your hair and formulate the best results for your individual curls. Let's celebrate our gift. We need to spread the word...tell your friends, your family, strangers...there is a salon dedicated to "US" CURLS!

What advice do you have for all the curly haired people in the world?

Hair looking a bit dull??? I find that the combination of Water Works shampoo following a 12 Minute Deep Treatment is the miracle solution to a color boost. The Water Works shampoo is designed to remove build up from hard water, clorine, and products which all lead to dull, flat color.

The trick is to shampoo your hair twice with the Water Works. Once you've done that, you�re left with a clean slate. Now apply the 12 Minute Deep Treatment. This will add proteins for strength and intense moisture for softness. Style and dry as usual with your favorite Ouidad products.

Notice your color gleam....bright, soft, bouncy curls. When your friend ask how you hair got so shiny? Just say you got a great tip from Morgan ;)

What inspired you to be a hair stylist?

I have had a passion for hair since I was a child. I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Boston. My Dad would take me into Boston to Newbury Street for haircuts. It was quite the treat! I loved the experience of being in an upscale salon. The beautiful hair, the fashion, the smell of the products...I loved it all!

When most children would ask for toys for Christmas, I would ask for salon shampoo and conditioner. That's the truth! I would use a pump of shampoo and a pump of conditioner daily. If my shampoo ran out before my conditioner, I knew someone was using it!

Who wants shampoo and conditioner for Christmas when they�re 10 yrs old? I grew up in the 80's when big curly hair was the trend. I was a cool kid with my big curly hair! I guess it�s one of the reasons I'm a hair stylist today.

What is the biggest challenge that you hear from clients?
And how do you resolve it?

I think that the biggest challenge for clients is finding the time to do their hair. Everyone's life is different. Some people have an hour to style and others have 10 minutes. Some clients want perfect curls in 5 minutes.

In this case Ouidad did the thinking for me with the new Double Detangler. I must say it saves a lot of time. I can have my hair set with Climate Control in under 10 minutes. Just because I'm a stylist doesn't mean I want to take an hour to do my hair. I prefer to let my hair dry naturally, but when I have extra time to diffuse, I'm finished in under 20 minutes.

And I have long hair down my back...pretty good timing don't you think? The Double Detangler resolves my timing issue with styling.

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