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From Ouidad Flagship Salon (Santa Monica)

The sexiest and most beautiful curls are on those who are not afraid to run wild and embrace their hair's unique personality!

PlayCurlVolumizing Styling Spray

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Volumizing Styling Spray

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What is your favorite product? Why is this product your favorite? What is your favorite way of utilizing this product on your clients?

My favorite product is the PlayCurl Volumizing Styling Spray. I love the way it feels, smells, and most importantly how it works. You can use it in wet hair before styling to pump up curls or waves that need a little boost or absolutely anyone can use it next day to refresh their second…third…fourth…fifth…or sixth day (let's not get too crazy ladies!) hair. It also leaves no sticky feel which is AMAZING!

Who/What inspires you?

My clients and LIFE! Living in Venice and working in Santa Monica, California, I am always surrounded by unique, free-spirited, individuals that embrace their oddities & beautiful "imperfections". Whether it's sense of style, the way they wear their hair, their demeanor or however they choose to express themselves; they do it with love and a take it or leave it attitude. I love that! Each day I communicate this to my clients: Embrace who you are and what you were born with, it's beautiful. Whether you are Kinky, Wavy or have ringlets, wear those sassy-sexy curls with pride!

How would you describe your own personal style?

It depends the day of the week! Some days I'm feeling boho-chic while wearing my hair with a soft and sexy wave. Other days I express my edgy tomboy side with my curls as high as the sky! With a bigger is better attitude.

Looking back, what is your all-time favorite trend?

My all-time favorite trend was the 80's when women (and men) weren't afraid to go wild with their hair!

What’s your favorite current celebrity hairstyle?

I love love love Rihanna's hair! She does it all and wears it with such a fierce attitude you just can't help but love every color, length, & texture that she rocks.

What do you see being the next biggest trend?

I'm no fortune teller but I really hope the hair gets bigger!

Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

I wanted to have a career where I helped people and could utilize my creative side. I started working as a receptionist at a Ouidad Certified Salon 11 years ago. I would watch the stylists completely transform their client's hair which in turn, changed the way the clients would also look at themselves. They would glow with more confidence. It was really touching to watch. So many hugs, so many tears of joy. I knew I didn't just by chance happen to work at what was at the time the only Ouidad Certified Salon in Florida. It was meant to be.

What are some hair styling "don'ts"?

Please DON'T style your hair when it's begun to dry. ALWAYS put your styling product in WET hair! Rake through your hair as much as possible with your styling product, the smoother it feels the less frizzy your hair will be (don't forget to shake it if you want more bounce)! And last but not least, don't go crazy with touching your hair with your hands as it dries. Leave those locks alone and you will have many more good hair days than bad!

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