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From Ouidad Flagship Salon (New York)

Embrace the very essence that is you while we showcase your soft bouncy curls!

Mediterranean Bay LeafHair & Scalp Treatment

Jessica's Favorite Product

Mediterranean Bay Leaf

Hair & Scalp Treatment

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What is your favorite product? Why is this product your favorite? What is your favorite way of utilizing this product on your clients?

The Mediterranean Bay Leaf Treatment exfoliates the scalp and it gently removes excessive built up from styling products. The bamboo extracts help to promote great blood circulation, which helps hair growth. After shampooing the hair I use an applicator bottle with the treatment inside and apply throughout the scalp. I massage gently, leaving the treatment on for ten minutes and rinse very well with cool water to seal the cuticle.

Who/What inspires you?

My amazing clients inspire me; they always challenge me to be a better stylist.

How would you describe your own personal style?

Eclectic with some bold colors. I draw some influence from the 80's. My personality definitely makes it work!

Looking back, what is your all-time favorite trend?

Eclectic with some bold colors. I draw some influence from the 80's. My personality definitely makes it work!

What’s your favorite current celebrity hairstyle?

Charlize Theron's pixie cut. She exudes flawless chic.

What do you see being the next biggest trend?

More women will continue to embrace their texture and rock their natural coils!

Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

My aunts are hairstylists and growing up they would teach me the tricks of the trade. My fascination with hair grew as I would work on my eldest sister's life sized dolls. They had so much hair! After, started using my Mother's mops to create "haute couture" hair styles when the dolls had no more hair left. Hair has always been a passion. It's not just a job, it's where I'm at my best.

What are some hair styling "don'ts"?

Never brush and or comb through dry curly hair. It only breaks the hair and causes frizz. Don't sleep with your curls out and down. Curly hair is fragile and it can cause breakage. Instead sleep with your curls up in a loose bun tied with a scrunchie. Also, using excessive amount of products on scalp and hair is a huge no-no.

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