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Fall is quite possibly my most favorite season.

I can finally stop spending every day sweating like I stole something, rock adorable booties, and cover up some of my, um, less flattering bits with a cardigan. Or a cute jacket. Or both!

Plus, it’s also the time I decide to do some of my major shopping for the year. Not just for myself, but for the kids too.

Because kids grow so much, I don’t do a lot of future-season shopping. I’ve tried buying their winter coats at the end of spring only to have to donate them, tags still on, in the fall, so I’m over that.

So, I shop in the fall and the spring and then just pick up a few incidentals during the other seasons of the year. Help us save money, stay stylish, and have fun shopping!

So what’s cool for moms and kids this fall season? Oh, I’m so freakin’ happy you asked!

10 Mom Must Haves for Fall

1. Chunky sweaters. For warmth, and looking awesome.

2. Skin saving moisturizers. Because winter makes you all scaly and dry and junk. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of cute. My fave: Mama Mio’s Mighty Moisture Day & Night Moisturizer.

3. Cute jackets. To be used like chunky sweaters, only on colder days.

4. Lifeproof iPhone & iPad protection. Because sometimes, kids break things, and having this tough case on your phone, makes that way more difficult for them to do. Also, you can take your phone to the beach and not have to worry about the ocean ruining it when you take photos of yourself to text back to your friends freezing their butts off at home. Unfortunately it won’t protect against sharks.

5. Keep warm (and hip) boots. Since boots are not only functional, but a whole bunch of fun.

6. Awesomeness for your hair. Not even hot boots can distract from the fact that your hair looks beat. So, hook that up so we can focus on your cute threads. Ouidad’s Salon Series is the perfect thing to get you looking good this season.

7. Something colorful. The world is going to be bursting with color so you should be too! Bright scarves, colored tights, a sweet cape for your favorite little superhero (or heroine) should do the trick!

8. Funky music. That is kid AND mom appropriate. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is perfect for hip hop loving moms and their urban kiddos.

9. Cozy jammies. For cuddling by the fire, while eating chocolate.

10. A sweet bag. Every season is better if you have a sweet bag to enjoy it with!


Amanda Rodriguez is a mom, a photographer, a freelance writer, a blogger, and a lover of all things awesome. She has been bringing the awesome on her humor lifestyle blog,parenting BY dummies, nearly every day since 2008, and also contributes at a number of other cool places, both offline and on the Internet. You can find her at iVillage, the What NOT to Wear blog, and Everyday Family being all amazing and junk too.


Treat Yourself (and Curls) this Valentine’s Day

Monday, 13 February 2012, 17:26 | Category : EmpressRi, Guest Bloggers, Testimonials
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Winter equates to two things in my world: Caramel Brulee and Peppermint Mocha Lattes at Starbucks, and moisturizing my hair and skin at every given opportunity.

It is imperative that I deep condition once a week using my hair steamer or a heating cap (which I take the opportunity to do with music blaring and my right hand clutched firmly around my Starbuck’s cup!). If I don’t…I might as well bring out the welcome wagon for dry hair and lots of knots and tangles.


Me at the Ouidad New York Salon with Luxe Mediterranean Bay Leaf Treatment and a hot mug of green tea!


Now what to do afterwards? Braids and twists are preferred by some when it’s cold out. I recommend using thicker products, this includes your hair butters and heavier hair creams with emollient butters and oils.

For those that don’t feel like devoting an evening to braiding or twisting, use Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner and a moisturizing gel like Curl Quencher on top! You get the style without the crunch or dryness.

Now tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so if you want to be really fancy, leave your Deep Treatment in your hair and then take a shower or bath. Take the time to use a sugar or salt scrub, depending on your preferences. Afterwards I love using an after bath oil or body butter.

Since you’re multitasking use the extra time to spend with your loved one, be it someone else or yourself. Have a chocolate or two (or the whole box, I won’t judge).


XOXO Empress Ri







The Curly Winter Hat Dilemma!

Thursday, 12 January 2012, 9:00 | Category : Accessories
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As the mercury continues to drop, it’s important to keep your head warm!

Check out these curl friendly styles from around the web that we are loving this season.

Reach your destination in style with your curls still defined…

What styles work best for your hair in the winter? Share your finds with us too!


For the Fashionista: Bianca Wool Hat via NastyGal.com

A Curl Friendly Classic: The Wool Beret via AmericanApparel.net

Cute and Casual: The Shearing Trapper hat via OldNavy.com

Snow Bunny Chic: Cable Knit Pom Pom via Macys.com