Jason’s Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Friday, 18 October 2013, 11:58 | Category : Expert Tips, Ouidad Stylists
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Antoinette from AroundTheWayCurls.com after using Curl Recovery Whipped Curls

In the winter months, the bitter cold and dry heat from radiators can really take a toll on your curls.I would recommend for the winter months keeping your hair heavily hydrated by supplying your hair with as much moisture as possible. You must have the following products in your curl care arsenal this season!

- Jason, Ouidad New York Stylist


Cold Weather Curl Care with Moisture Lock

Tuesday, 25 October 2011, 11:34 | Category : Conditioning, Ouidad How Tos
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Image via NaturallyCurly.com

Fall is upon is and Winter isn’t too far away! We all know how important it is to keep our luscious locks well conditioned, but the thought of a leave-in conditioner may concern some of us. But not to worry, you and your curls and can rejoice: Ouidad’s Moisture Lock-In Leave Conditioner is a lightweight moisture treatment for curly hair, inspired by skincare science to lock in moisture–and helps de-frizz those curls!

Ouidad reminds us often to remember that conditioning is the foundation for maintaining your hair’s health and beauty. Due to a curl’s tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, Moisture Lock-In Leave Conditioner is the perfect addition to your daily nourishing treatment. Moisture Lock is the perfect light weight conditioning system to nourish, detangle, and protect your curly waves. Similar to your skincare, it creates a moisture foundation for your hair to stay healthy

The Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner can be used in the shower after shampooing or right after you shower: place a dollop in the palm of your hands and rub your hands together, then run your hands throughout your hair, spreading the conditioner and leaving the product in your hair. Make sure to pay extra attention to conditioning your gentle ends! The Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner will help detangle and protect your curls instantly, readying them for styling products to effectively manage your curls. For very dehydrated hair, use as a styling lotion and seal it with the Styling Mist.

After styling if you find the ends still frizzy from the hair not being properly conditioned, Moisture Lock is a great quick fix to put on the ends to give them a shiny seal.

For a perfect finish as you style, spritz your hair with the Ouidad’s Styling Mist to really seal in the moisture and nourishing benefits of the Leave-In Conditioner. Then you and your Curls are good to go out into the cold!