It’s Wedding Season! by’s Cassidy

For some summer time is a time of relaxation, rejuvenation, and resplendently sitting in the sun.  For others, like myself, there are only two words to describe this these three hot and sticky months: WEDDING SEASON.

For most ladies, and especially curly girls, weddings bring with them excitement, but also the inevitable “what am I going to do with my hair!?”, with a level of urgency that rises in direct relation with how much one is involved in the celebration.

As a guest, you may be worried about making your hair nice and polished for your pretty cocktail dress. As a bridesmaid, you’re somewhere between making sure your hair looks picture perfect and a little bit special, but not SO special  that it will stand up the bride.  As a bride, this is GO TIME.  The time to make sure your texture has never looked better, ever.

Last weekend I was a bridesmaid in a black tie wedding and had to devise a special updo for my curls in a 10-person bridal party that was made of primarily straight and slightly wavy hair.  I did my research in advance and found a stylist who was used to working with my texture and we ended up selecting a style that knocked it out of the park!

As much as the updo took planning, once it was up, I actually became far more concerned about the take down.  My hair was “shellacked” into place with hairspray and zipped up tight with about two packs of bobby pins.  It looked great for the pictures, but I was nervous about the dryness caused by all the hair spray.  In the end, my hair bounced back beautifully.  Here are my tips for protecting your curls for a summer updo style!

  1. Do Your Due Diligence: If you are in a wedding party or traveling to a wedding, talk to the stylist and the salon ahead of time about your unique texture and hair care needs.  If they cannot accommodate your hair, it’s okay to ask to make different arrangements.  Try the Ouidad Salon Locator for a recommendation!
  2. Prep Your Curls: Updo’s can require a lot of manipulation, so make sure that your curls are well hydrated by deep conditioning one to two days before styling. Try the Ouidad 12-Minute Deep Treatment.
  3. Stay Still: Trust me, you’ll regret having frizz and flyaways in pictures, so make sure to use a holding agent like a gel and/or a hairspray to fix your hair in its place.    Try the Ouidad Clear Control Pomade or Styling Mist.
  4. Condition Your Way Out: If your hair is hardened by the gel and hairspray, soften it with a moisturizing conditioner before washing it out. Try the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner.
  5. Then Deep Treat Again: Once you have clarified with a shampoo, apply a Deep Conditioner to your curls.