Summer Curls: Beat the Heat, Fight the Frizz

We’re smack in the middle of summer, and for curly girls, there’s good news and bad news. The good: Big hair is in, so we can rock our hair wild and free. The bad: With humidity and big hair comes frizz.

It’s an endless battle that will never be completely won, but thanks to a recent trip to Aruba (where it’s hot and sunny with more wind and humidity; basically, a major formula for frizz), I was able to nail down a hair care routine that keeps ringlets defined yet natural and fun—even in the summer heat.

Me, embracing my wild summer curls on a windy boat road in Aruba.

Me, embracing my wild summer curls on a windy boat road in Aruba.

Before we begin: If you’re going to be hitting the pool or beach this summer, before you jump in, apply some leave-in or regular conditioner throughout your hair. It will protect it from chlorine, damage, and tangling.

Step 1: End showers with a fast rinse with cold water. It closes the hair shaft and prevents frizz! (This was a tip I got from a Ouidad stylist. No idea if that’s been scientifically proven, but it seems to work for me!) Post-shower, pat hair with a towel or paper towels instead of wrapping it turban-style; you want to create as little disturbance as possible for your curl’s natural pattern.

Step 2: Apply Ouidad’s Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner. I only recently discovered this product, and I don’t typically use it in the fall and winter—I find it can be a little heavy—but during the summer it really helps with keeping your hair moisturized and frizz-free. You’ll only need a nickel-sized dollop; rub it through your whole head. (If you don’t have thick hair, you might want to skip this step or only use a small amount so it doesn’t weigh your hair down.)

Step 3: Here comes the holy grail for frizzy hair: Ouidad’s Climate Control Heat & Humidity gel. Section hair into 4-5 sections, then thoroughly spread about a nickel’s worth of this gel through each section, raking with your fingers as you go and then scrunching the ends. I swear this gel is the secret to protecting your hair from the elements in every season, from heat to wind to rain drizzle.

Step 4: Once you’ve finished applying the humidity gel, give your whole head a quick spray with Ouidad’s Curl Last Flexible Hold Hairspray (not too much; you don’t want curl crunch). Then, let it air dry as long as possible. My Ouidad stylist told me—and I’ve found it to be true—that airdrying is the best way to avoid frizz because it allows your curl’s natural pattern to take shape. But if you don’t have enough time before you have to run outside, dry with a diffuser, finishing with a few minutes of cool air at the end.

Step 5: Once your hair is dry, if you want a bigger look, you can pull apart some of your curls for volume, separating bigger ringlets into two. Finish off the whole process by spreading a dime’s worth of anti-frizz serum throughout your ends: I love John Frieda’s Anti-Frizz Serum, but I hear Ouidad’s Shine Glaze Serum works great, too.

Try my step-by-step and send us photos of the result! Remember, this is just a guide to tame frizz, but the bigger your hair is, the better: Part of your hair’s personality is its imperfection, so have a little fun!

Here’s to keeping up with the curls!

xo Arianna

Easy Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

beat the heat

I don’t know about you but the thought of wearing my hair down in these hot summer months makes my neck sweat just thinking about it!

Here are a few quick up-styles that will help you feeling and looking cool.

To recreate these styles you will need a couple handbag ready accessories:  soft fabric hair tie, Bobbi pins and a scarf/or headband. (more…)

Keeping Your Color Fresh with Color Sense

Keeping your curls vibrant and shiny isn’t easy, especially in the summertime. Color fading is one of the top concerns voiced by clients at our New York Flagship Salon during beach season and our new Color Sense line speaks directly to that!

The shampoo, conditioner and Shine Boosting Color Extender  all feature Ouidad’s exclusive Color Lock Complex which uses the power of antioxidants and plant based filter to lock in your color and preserve it through frequent shampoos and styling. Think of it as your hair’s personal body guard fighting off the damaging effects of free radical invaders and UV infiltrators. City Curls should be using this all year round!

Here are some tips I share with my clients on how to keep their color looking fresh and vibrant beyond their salon visit:

1. Integrating the new Color Sense line into your weekly routine – we all tend to shampoo frequently in the summer, thus causing faster color fade. The shampoo and conditioner are PH balanced, nourishing and contains UV filters which will help prevent sun fading all day long. My favorite is the Shine Boosting Color Extender. All you have to do is use it once a week for 10 minutes to lock the hair cuticle down and prevent color molecules from escaping during shampoos.  Results are similar to a clear in salon gloss.

2. Even armed with a great shampoo, try to avoid washing the hair every day and stick to at least every 2-3 days. For the very active curly girls, try our Curl Co-Wash for in between conditioning cleanses.

3. If you are going to the beach and will be in the sun for an extended period of time, cover those curls!  Nothing is more chic at the beach or pool then a giant straw sun hat and your favorite sunglasses!   For our wavy to curly; mist hair with our Wave Create Sea Spray and apply leave-in Styling Primer such as Whipped Curls. Place hair in messy bun and at the end of the day  you will have sexy beach hair.

4. In the summer heat, keep your body and curls hydrated – dry chemically processed curls will fade quickly. The Meltdown Extreme-Repair Mask  from the Curl Recovery line great for healing any stressed curls and will create a healthier canvas for a beautiful color. This can be used up to 15 minutes, three times a week- All depending on the needs of your curls.

5. Be careful of chlorine! Clients that spend a lot of time at the pool should definitely be taking extra steps before jumping in. I recommend using the Shine Boosting Color Extender treatment the night before.  After your day at the pool don’t forget to cleanse and condition with the Color Sense line.  Mineral deposits will be banished down the drain leaving your hair will with chlorine free hair and a sealed cuticle. For Blondes this routine is key in preventing the mean chlorine greens!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

-Ian Dorey Scott, Ouidad Creative Color Director