Frizz Doesn’t Just Strike in the Summer

“No matter the season, you must always protect your curls!

Follow my “Frizz -Free” steps below to avoid winter frizz!”

- Ouidad Creative Director, Morgan Willhite


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Summer humidity may not be a problem right now, but have you ever considered the friction and discomfort your curls have to endure during the winter months?

Dropping temperature, elements like snow, and friction from winter hats, bulky jackets and scarves are all huge contributors to winter frizz and dehydration. Here are my tips for keeping that winter frizz at bay!


Curls Need Curl Experts, Like Ouidad!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 6:00 | Category : Ouidad, The Business
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Ouidad often talks about the right cut, the right stylist, and working with your curlsStop fighting Mother Nature! Learn to work with your waves and you’ll learn to love your curly hair.” Ouidad tells us that you’ve got to let those curls shine!


According to recent Ouidad surveys, we overwhelmingly agree that the right cut is key – 92% in fact said that it was very important. Interesting results, since 78% of us also felt their stylist didn’t really understand their curls.

So what happens when 97% of us feel our stylists could do better? Sadly, it has left 89% of us in tears at least once due to a bad haircut. Ouidad to the rescue! No one with beautiful natural curls should be in tears because of a badly executed cut and style – not when Ouidad has proven her Rake and Shake technique.

Talk to your stylist – before the cut – and if he/she doesn’t understand your curls, then step away from the scissors and find a curl expert, like Ouidad!

A Fresh Start for My Client!

A client came in to the Santa Monica Ouidad Salon today after a year and a half of growing her hair following chemotherapy. She wanted to start fresh and trusted us for her new ‘do.’ I kept her length as much as possible while creating more movement and shape. I also established a new style and side part with more volume on top.

She was so happy and kept saying that she finally felt groomed! She was glad to learn she could throw away her brush and was amazed with the curls she could achieve with just the rake and shake technique! It gave me great pleasure to help her feel beautiful again and I look forward to seeing her soon!

Kate, Stylist, Santa Monica Salon, California