Celebrating Motherhood with Ouidad

Monday, 21 April 2014, 10:49 | Category : Ouidad, The Business, Testimonials
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The best and most exciting part about being a Mother is…

Birthing a human being and growing together! It is the most important and amazing job on the planet for me! Seeing my kids grow up and develop, learning many things about myself through them. They mimic you and roll plays you as they start developing. Watching them discover themselves, recognizing things in their personality and showing you who they are. That is the most exciting thing and nothing is more fulfilling for me.


Ouidad with her children, Sondriel & Peter in Colorado


A Prayer for My Daughter…

Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 10:18 | Category : Scary Mommy
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I wish so many things for my daughter. I hope she finds true love; the real kind, like I have with her father. I hope she becomes a leader, rather than a follower, even when it’s the harder course to choose. I hope that she always knows how very much she is loved. I wish for her a life full of happiness. I could go on all day. I want the world for her.

And, then there are my other hopes…the hair prayers.

• I pray that she never take a scissors to her hair, in an effort to “try” out bangs.

• If her hair becomes curly, I pray that she listens to my sage advice against brushing and in support of product.

• I pray, with all my might, that lice never again infests her glorious locks.

• I pray she never wonders how her naturally chestnut hair would look platinum blond.

• Please, hair Gods, let her resist Sun-In and Lemon juice, unlike her mother.

• I pray that she never forget that she’s chewing gum while falling asleep, resulting in a large chuck of hair needing to be cut out.

• I pray that she appreciates the hair she has been given, instead of longing for the opposite.

And, in the name of our own hair issues, let us all say: Amen.

What are some hair prayers for your curly kids?

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