Celebrating Motherhood with Ouidad

Monday, 21 April 2014, 10:49 | Category : Ouidad, The Business, Testimonials
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The best and most exciting part about being a Mother is…

Birthing a human being and growing together! It is the most important and amazing job on the planet for me! Seeing my kids grow up and develop, learning many things about myself through them. They mimic you and roll plays you as they start developing. Watching them discover themselves, recognizing things in their personality and showing you who they are. That is the most exciting thing and nothing is more fulfilling for me.


Ouidad with her children, Sondriel & Peter in Colorado


Musing of a Curly Mama

Friday, 5 October 2012, 17:50 | Category : Dumb Mom
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I’m super excited to be guest posting for the month of October on the Ouidad Blog!

I’m a curly mama to three curly haired dudes, so I have plenty to say about curls, and hair, and dirt, and noise, and, um, everything!

But, I haven’t always had such a positive attitude about my curly birthright.

Actually, now that I bring it up, I was born bald.

Like, totally.

And, I stayed that way for years to come.

People thought I was a boy so often as a baby, that my mother taped bows to my head for my two year old photos.

You know, to stop the confusion. Or, probably just to make herself feel better.

When my hair finally started to grow in, it was fast and furious.

I see photos of myself as a scrawny 4 year old now and pretty much all you can see is hair, hair, and more hair. With a few bony elbows and knees mixed in there.

I hated my hair when I was younger.  It attracted constant attention, and I was so not an attention seeker then. (My how things change, personal blogger!)