Refreshed Fall Looks

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Fall is that gorgeous window when the bathing suits start finding homes in the backs of drawers and the scarves, hats and light jackets start subtly layering themselves back into the wardrobe. The crispness in the air brings a renewed sense of possibility and purpose. It’s my favorite time to try a new cut or turn up a color that may have faded with the summer sun.

Curly Haircuts

Without a doubt, curls and movement are having a shining moment in the press and in fashion; there are a few styles and cuts in particular that I can’t stop crushing on.


First is the curly bob. So many of my favorite curly celebs have traded longer locks for edited, playful, chin-length bobs. It’s a modern take on a classic precision cut and it looks incredible!


The beauty of this cut is the range of length you can try. If you’re feeling unsure of how short to go, a shoulder-grazing sweep allows for a low bun or ponytail, yet still feels thoughtful and chic.

The slightly shorter chin-length bob is my personal favorite, as the curls surround the face and act as a romantic, playful frame.

The key to a perfect textured chin or shoulder-length cut is the consideration of the curl throughout. The ultimate shape is so important to the overall effect of the style – each curl pattern must be cut thoughtfully and the result becomes that effortless chic, low-maintenance style. For best results, bring a picture of the desired length and shape to the salon to help ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for!

Fall Styles

With the shift into fall, most people naturally head into high gear. With that in mind, I often try and get a few days out of my style using some of my favorite go-to tricks.


The classic bun is a style I can never get enough of – whether pulled to the side, kept low, or up top, it’s an easy, professional chignon with little effort. Tie the hair back into a ponytail, then twist the hair around until the bun is formed, tucking the tail into itself and fastening with a bobby pin or two.


For any second-day style, I start with a generous spritz of Botanical Boost to revive the curls that may have been slept on, flattened or disrupted in the night. Once the hair is damp, a quick sectioning with the fingers and rake and shake de-frizzes the hair and give curls back their bounce.


I love to incorporate braids into an existing style. As the front/top hair line is the most exposed and generally gets the most wear and tear, I suggest taking two small (or medium) front sections and loosely braiding each one along the natural part of the hair. The pieces on each side can be bobby pinned into the curls or attached together in the back with a small clear band or tie. This look harnesses waves, adds variation and brightens the face (and looks great with a red lip!).

How are you refreshing your look for fall?

So Long, Summer… Hello, Hair Recovery!

We all love the summer… the vacations, the long weekends, the fun. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t always love our curls. The combination of sun, ocean and chlorine can do quite a number on curls, leading to dull, brittle or frizzy hair. With the summer wrapping up, here are a few things you can do to repair summer hair damage and get your curls back in top form for fall.


Post-Summer Hair Recovery Tips
  • Get a haircut. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Simply ask your stylist for a “micro-trim.” Dusting the ends will remove the dry brittleness, helping you to avoid breakage and excess shedding. (If you’re in the market for a new stylist, look at our Flagship & Certified Salons!)

  • Regularly deep treat your hair. An intensive deep treatment is the main solution for restoring the necessary moisture to your curls. You can deep treat at home using our 12 Minute Deep Treatment. If you don’t have a heated cap or dryer, you can still heat-activate using conditioning tips from our stylists.

What exciting things did you do this summer, and how are you reviving your curls?

Trend Report: Fall Haircuts

Ouidad Creative Director, Morgan Willhite’s Fall Trend report!

The Pixie


Charlize Theron via BeautyRSVP

Short and spunky, this is a confident in your own skin cut.

“The Pixie” works for all hair types. Short, fun and sexy with textured ends giving the look a feminine flare. This is a great cut option for those transitioning out of a chemical treatment.

Morgan’s Styling Tip: Massage a small amount of Ouidad’s Wave Create Texture Taffy onto finger tips and apply ends adding texture and definition.

Again, defining the ends gives a bit of feminine edge!

The In-Between

rose byrne

Rose Byrne via PopSugarBeauty

“The In-between” sits happily at the collar bone. Easily managed and maintained. Long layers and soft shaping around the face. If hairs natural texture is tight/kinky…layers need to be blended into length and weight must be removed to avoid the “triangle”aka pyramid effect!

Morgan’s Styling Tip: Spritz Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray on damp/dry hair, spray and scrunch in that tousled texture until desired look.

Contoured Movement


Corrine Bailey Rae via pslovecharli

Creating a shape to tight/kinky textured hair is the rage this fall. Creating shape gives noticeable detail to hair with personality!

While still leaving hair full and sassy, contour shape by tapering the bottom to hug slightly  around face and neck. Let both your face and hair make a statement!

Morgan’s Styling Tips- Ouidad’s Curl Quencher Moisturizing Gel is fabulous for creating this style.

The combination of hydration and hold, gives a soft defined finish without weighing down all the voluminous texture!

The Natural


Drew Barrymore via DailyMakeover

This is perfect for those who don’t like the look or feel of products or own a  blow-dryer but want a on trend look to your hair!

Adding subtle movement towards ends and around hairline. Slide or point cutting help create and  encourage texture without the use of styling products.

Morgan’s Styling Tip: If styling products are a no, make sure hydration is a GO!

Simply apply a quarter size amount of Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer while hair is still wet to  help define and add hydrated texture.