Curls 1: Vampires: 0

Friday, 19 August 2011, 9:00 | Category : Jenny From The Blog
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In honor of my grandpa’s 80th birthday, the entire family (extended ‘n all that jazz) gathered in Rochester, NY, to properly celebrate my pop’s life.

With 7 hours to spare, my spunky 16-year-old cousin, Lisa, waltzed down the stairs with blond hair, covered in vampire blood. Semi -permanent vampire blood, that is.

Lisa and I!

Yes, Lisa and her band of high school gal pals all decided to be “different” and die their beautiful heads of hair into something that closely resembled that of a scene from the Twilight saga.

Well, one where Edward eats Bella for breakfast during Chapter 1, that is.

After 10 minutes of listening to my Aunt, (Lisa’s mom) interchangeably call her a freak and a vampire, I knew I had to step in, do some damage control and solve this hairy situation.

After washing her hair with some preeeeetty strong shampoo, (we even applied dish detergent to the red stripes directly) Lisa’s hair felt like genuine straw. Because I wouldn’t dare travel without my handy dandy Ouidad weapons, I quickly remembered I’d packed my Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner.

So, there we were, the two of us sitting in the bathroom bonding over her vampire mishap and my clutch product realization. After applying the Leave-In, I styled her hair curly (using a mixture of the Leave-In and Tress Effects Styling Gel) to help hide the stripes of “blood.”

Not only did the Leave-In make her hair incredibly soft, but it also left her wavy curls controlled. This is EXACTLY why I never travel without this product, especially during the summer; it softens broken ends, smoothes the scars of chlorine, and even helps make (in this case) streaks of morbid vampire blood look a bit more, well, “lively.”

For those of you who’ve abused your hair with blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, chlorine or even semi-permanaent red dye, Ouidad’s Moisture Lock Leave-In is just for you. It’s light weight texture leaves your hair feeling healthy, not oily, and your curls bouncy, not droopy.

*For best results: mix a little into your normal styling routine or apply directly to your ends while damp.

If Ouidad’s Leave-In could help turn Lisa’s bloody situation around, I think it could save you from your sorry dry woes.

Ouidad the Vampire Slayer Love,



Give Yourself a Treat(ment)-Your Curls Deserve It

Tuesday, 9 August 2011, 9:25 | Category : Jenny From The Blog
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Those with dogs and pets of sorts are most definitely familiar with the “Sit and Treat” cycle.

1. Make dog sit: “siiiittt, c’mon, siiitttt” (said in odd human-to-dog voice)

2. Paw: “Gimme, paw, c’monnn gimme the paaaaaw” (said in even stranger human-to-dog-voice)

3. Reward with treat: “Who’s a good boy/girl!?!? YOU ARE, YOUR ARE!!” (hand treat to dog in return for playing our stupid human-to-dog-games.)

I find the “Sit and Treat” cycle comparable to the way we deal with our hair. Minus one very important and very crucial step; “Reward with Treat.”

All day errryday we tell our hair to “be tame,” (yet natural looking) and “have personality” (without looking like Dolly Parton). In short, we tell it to “sit, stay, and be good.”

Which leads me to my next point: give your hair a treat. Lucky for me, two weeks ago I found myself giving my hair the best treat my poodle (my hair’s “pet name”- pun intended) could ever receive: Ouidad’s Luxe Mediterranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp Treatment.

Mirsada and Jenny Hurwitz, Ouidad Guest Blogger

Ouidad NYC's Mirsada and me!

When asked to try out Ouidad’s newest service, I was admittedly skeptical. However, after a brisk power walk in the 100-degree heat (the 6 train was delayed for the umpteenth time this summer) I arrived at the salon sweating like a dog (pun intended, again) and ready to see what my lovely stylist, Mirsada, had in store.

Before applying a thick coat of the treatment to my scalp, Mirsada explained that in order for us curly girls to end up with more good hair days than bad, we need to give our scalps a little TLC to open up the follicles and let our curls breathe.

Made with all natural ingredients, (including crushed almonds), Mirsada applied the mint green paste to my scalp with what appeared to be a big paintbrush. After satisfied with the heavy coating, Mirsada then massaged the Bay Leaf Treatment into my scalp to remove all of my product build up. After sitting under the dryer for about 20 minutes to let the all natural concoction do its magic to my suffocated scalp, Mirsada used some Water Works shampoo on my hair to really seal in the paste and let my follicles breathe in the (questionably) fresh city air!

Luxe Mediterranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp Treatment

In return for the treat I gave my poodle, I received three glorious days of clean, shiny and well-behaved hair. (Someone at work noted how good my hair smelled and I giggled like a school girl). Better yet, I noticed a positive difference during my next few washings and stylings.

In essence, it felt like my hair could breathe again.

For those of you constantly treating your hair like a dog without giving the incentive of a good treat in return, I suggest you make yourself a Luxe Mediterranean Bay Leaf Treatment appointment at the Ouidad NYC or LA Salon.

So, let your tail wag and your curls breath-they deserve the treat(ment).

Luxe Mediterranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp Treatment

Me Three Days Post Treatment!



Ouidad [Puppy] Love,