Curls for a Cure® Pink Curl Extension Style Guide

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The Curls for a Cure Pink Curl Extension is such a simple and easy way to show your support for the fight against breast cancer. If you’ve already purchased a Pink Curl (or are thinking about it), here are a few ideas for showing your support with your curls!
Two-Strand Twist
For all textures, you can create a two-stand twist with the hair of the extension and your own curls. You can leave it like that or pin it back into your curls with a bobby pin.

Create a Pink Curl Braid
You can never go wrong with a braid. For loose or classic curls, you can incorporate the Pink Curl Extension into a braid to give it added texture. We tend to favor a messier, effortless look, as shown here on stylist Mirsada from our NYC Flagship Salon.


You can also keep it simple by braiding the extension itself and using it as a headband.

Fake a Tight Curl
The extension comes as a classic curl that fits perfectly with loose or classic patterns, but say you want to blend it into your unique curl pattern. You can quickly alter the texture of the Pink Curl without heat tools – since it’s synthetic – by using perm rods. As shown here, wrap the hair around the rod and twist it on itself as you do. Carefully dip into hot water for a few seconds, then let the hair air dry. Once it’s unraveled, you’ve got yourself a tight curl.

Create a Kinky Curl
For even tighter textures and kinky coils, use a similar method as above. Instead of a perm rod, weave the hair of the extension over and under through a bobby pin. You can then secure it with a small rubber band or hair-tie, dip into hot water and let dry. To remove the bobby pin, you can gently slide it up and through the curl. Carefully pull the curl apart – you can separate the hair to make it as big as you want!

Who says you can’t show your support in a fun and chic way?! We want to see your Pink Curl selfies! For every selfie tagged #CurlsForACure, we’ll donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Morgan’s Tips for a Calm (& Curly) Morning

“Styling your curls during the week can be time consuming, especially in the winter.

Here are my tips for having gorgeous curls and a hassle free morning!”

- Morgan Willhite, Ouidad Creative Director

Healthy hair is easy hair!

Being diligent with your conditioning treatments is a must to make styling your curls less of a hassle. Hydration helps avoid the brittle, dry appearance and creates a healthy foundation to work with. Try Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Hair Mask . No excuses curlies, it’s easy and requires no heat.

Rake & Shake to set your style the night before.

Wet hair doesn’t set well in 20 Degree weather! If you’re looking for defined, frizz free curls, Ouidad’s Rake and Shake styling method is the way to go to set your hair before bed. Section off wet hair into 3-4 sections and apply your favorite Ouidad styling product with a “raking” motion with fingers. Once all sections are thoroughly completed, gently blot with a  micro-fiber towel or t-shirt. Next gently dry using a diffuse attachment. You must diffuse bone dry before sleeping on it.

Next gather dry hair towards the top of your hair loosely in a high ponytail with a soft scrunchy, this helps extend your curl style while avoiding frizz caused by the night time toss and turns. I suggest investing in a satin pillowcase to keep your style longer and hair healthier. Cotton creates friction which causes frizz and dryness.

In the morning simply refresh curl pattern with Ouidad Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray and head out the door!

No time to rewash? Embrace the bun or rock a fabulous braid.

bunsGet the look_wavy

A bun is easy to create on any curl type and can be dressed up or down! Gather your dry curls toward the top crown area of your head or the nape of your neck. Secure with a cloth hair tie. Wrap hair around the tie in a uniformed manor randomly securing the perimeter with Bobbi pins. Braids are another quick, no fuss style. A simple low set braid is on trend and is considered a desired” style”. Avoid perfection! Stretch and pull  the braid apart, allowing random curls to fall giving you a more modern look!



Before & After: Adored Salon


Stylist: Andrea Kelly

Salon: Adored Salon

Location: Lombard, IL

Stylist How-To:

  • After I had cut Lindsay’s hair using the Ouidad technique of Carving and Slicing®, I taught her how to Rake and Shake her hair to achieve a defined style that would show her curls off and that would last for several days.
  • The first thing I did was treat her hair with the 12 Minute Deep Treatment.  This helped restore the moisture of her hair, control the frizz, and leave her with a shine she had never seen before!
  •  Next I applied about a quarter size of Curl Recovery™ Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer, starting at the ends and working it through the rest of the hair. This is a great primer for the hair prior to adding gel or styling aid.
  •  I then separated her hair into five sections and applied Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel  generously to each section from scalp to ends. This step is essential for the curls to last and be defined. Next, starting at the nape, I took about 1 inch wide sections, “raked” them smooth with my fingers, and “shaked” them. This technique created by Ouidad actually creates a “set” for the hair to dry naturally in very defined sections.
  • At this time I used a diffuser to dry the hair. This also helps set the curls into a stronger curl pattern for longevity of the style.
  • Once Lindsay’s hair was completely dry, I used Clear Control Pomade to open up her curls. I did this by using about the size of a small marble, and rubbing it in between my hands. I took her hair into my hands as if to put it into a ponytail, being somewhat gentle. Then, she bent upside down, and I used my hands to loosen up the gel around the scalp area, and scrunched the rest of the product into her ends. Once she flipped up, her hair looked full and bouncy.
  • I finished it up with some Styling Mist to keep it in place.

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