Beauty Editors Got *Whipped* into Shape

Last night, Beauty Editors (and Ouidad employees) got whipped into shape at New York City’s trendy SoulCycle and previewed Ouidad’s latest curl innovation, Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer.

This is the first installment from the NEW Ouidad Curl Recovery Collection.

Keep an eye out on November 28th at!

Editors were gifted these exclusive lab samples

This thick, dense daily conditioner envelopes curls in deeply hydrating nutrients to mend damage while strengthening and restructuring curls to restore natural luster. Ingredients like Shea, Glycerin and a triple Olive Oil blend work harmoniously to nourish the hair, while smoothing frizz and enhancing shine.

It also doubles as a styling primer creating the perfect canvas by re-establishing the natural curl pattern for easy styling with any gel or cream.

This will be a must have for all of you curly girls with color-treated, heat/chemically damaged and thirsty hair!


How I discovered my curls!- October Guest Blogger

Monday, 3 October 2011, 11:52 | Category : BossyGirl1980
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Me with Natural Curls!

I am a Mother, Writer, Runner, Blogger….overall awesome person….yep that’s me, BossyGirl also known as Franchesca. A little under a year ago I decided that I had to blog about all of my daily shenanigans and hence, BossyGirl1980 was born. Now, I could bore you with all kinds of details of my quirky, fun life but I do not want to give away all of my secrets …just yet. However, I have a confession to make…one that will SHOCK all of my readers and curly hair peeps to the core. I only discovered that I had curly hair when I became a runner extraordinaire.

Let me explain. Three years ago, I decided to embrace my natural self and stop putting chemicals in my hair. I had just had my daughter so to help me manage my time I would straighten my hair and wear it in a ponytail. (Yes, I ironed my hair on a weekly basis-please no judgment). Every time I would go to my hairstylist, I would inquire about my curl pattern but I was too afraid to really see for myself. Fast forward to a little over a year ago I decided that I would rediscover my inner athlete and add runner to my list of accomplishments. Not wanting my hair to keep me from exercising, I’d whip my hair into a ponytail and hit the pavement almost EVERYDAY of the week.

After the Big Peach Race!

Things changed when I got really serious about training for a half marathon. I was running 4 times a week at distances as long as 10 miles.  The other 3 days of the week, I was strength training so my hair was looking a MESS! It got to be so bad that I would wear a cap so not to scare anyone. The constant running allowed me to see my curl pattern (when my hair was dripping with sweat) so I decided to do the unthinkable. I chopped off all of the relaxer left in my hair and decided to rock my “all natural” curly hair. I literally took some scissors and one day in my bathroom I clipped until all of my straight ends of my hair was gone. I felt empowered and free—until I realized I had to learn how to tame my curls. More specifically, I would have to combat runner’s hair* and find products that would moisturize and define my curls. I stalked the internet, hair care products and luckily I found some products perfect for my runner’s hair: Ouidad’s Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner (Sulfate Free).  These products are both super conditioning and helped minimize my frizz from this humid Georgia weather. In the morning when I am about to hit the streets, I co-wash my hair in the conditioner while I’m in the shower. I then rinse in cold water (so I can seal my cuticles) and add a bit of the Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner. I am able to leave my house and I no longer look like a crazy woman while tackling those hilly intervals.

In a couple of days I will compete in my first half marathon, the 13.1 series in Atlanta, Ga and I am so excited to actually see how much my training will pay off AND show off my rocking curly hair to all of my running buddies!  Being the running nerd I am, I have already coordinated my race day outfits and planned how I will use Ouidad’s Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray to make sure I look like a star after those 13 miles! Now you know about the runner who is BossyGirl and about why I started my blog, but wait until next week when I reveal how Ouidad helped me in the mommy category!

*Runner’s Hair—commonly occurs in people who run long distances where your hair becomes dripping wet, mats to your scalp and overall makes you look a mess.