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Color Trend: SOMBRE


My Favorite Color Trend: SOMBRE

I have been utilizing the benefits of this technique in the Ouidad New York Flagship Salon for a while now, and it is the perfect solution for clients that want their hair to be lighter or highlighted, yet do not want the commitment of having to do touch-ups often. It works great for both Brunettes or Blondes. A “Sombre” highlight will last a minimum of 4-6 months without any salon maintenance! It can be done using either the Balayage or Foil technique.


The Superfruit Smoothie by Alina Z.

 Not only are the ingredients in Ouidad’s Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo wonderful for your curls, 

they are amazing ingredients to create a nourishing and healthy smoothie.

Curly health coach, Alina Z, created her own recipe infused with superfruits – Blueberry, Acai, Banana and Papaya – especially for you!

superfruit smoothie