Allies in Our Fight to Find a Cure

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Not only are we joined with NaturallyCurly in the fight against breast cancer, but we’ve also partnered with some of the best in the blogosphere through Curls for a Cure! See the creative ways that these top bloggers showcased their support and helped raise awareness (and funding!) for breast cancer research.

Dallas Shaw
Go-to fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw created this custom illustration using the Pink Curl Extension as inspiration. Her talent helped to demonstrate how easy it is to rock the Pink Curl while still looking chic. (She’s also hosting a giveway for the curl on her blog!)



Sazan Barzani is a fashion and beauty expert with fantastic natural curls. For her video, she featured the Pink Curl in big, loose waves and straight styles for our friends who haven’t yet joined the curly hair revolution.

Stripes & Sequins
Grace Atwood wore the Pink Curl Extension with several stylish outfits. She also shared the Ouidad products she’s been a fan of when it comes to creating textured waves. What’s more? She hosted an exciting giveaway offering 10 readers custom curl regimens. We can’t wait to see what they think of the products!



The Style & Beauty Doctor
Coined The Style & Beauty Doctor, Danielle Gray also provided great inspiration for weaving the Pink Curl Extension into your casual daywear. Even better, she provided a mini-tutorial on altering the extension’s texture with the woven, figure-8 bobby pin trick that we also used to create tight and kinky curls.

Style and Beauty Doctor - Danielle (2)


Trop Rouge
Rising fashion it-girl Christina of Trop Rouge went the funky route when incorporating the extension into her fabulous mane of curls. She has impeccable street style, and the pop of pink added some extra edge!


We’re sure you’ve seen a sea of pink this October, but we’re convinced that this level awareness should last 365 days a year – not just one month on the calendar. Share your words of encouragement and find out how else you can get involved in #CurlsForACure with NaturallyCurly.

Curls for a Cure® Pink Curl Extension Style Guide

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The Curls for a Cure Pink Curl Extension is such a simple and easy way to show your support for the fight against breast cancer. If you’ve already purchased a Pink Curl (or are thinking about it), here are a few ideas for showing your support with your curls!
Two-Strand Twist
For all textures, you can create a two-stand twist with the hair of the extension and your own curls. You can leave it like that or pin it back into your curls with a bobby pin.

Create a Pink Curl Braid
You can never go wrong with a braid. For loose or classic curls, you can incorporate the Pink Curl Extension into a braid to give it added texture. We tend to favor a messier, effortless look, as shown here on stylist Mirsada from our NYC Flagship Salon.


You can also keep it simple by braiding the extension itself and using it as a headband.

Fake a Tight Curl
The extension comes as a classic curl that fits perfectly with loose or classic patterns, but say you want to blend it into your unique curl pattern. You can quickly alter the texture of the Pink Curl without heat tools – since it’s synthetic – by using perm rods. As shown here, wrap the hair around the rod and twist it on itself as you do. Carefully dip into hot water for a few seconds, then let the hair air dry. Once it’s unraveled, you’ve got yourself a tight curl.

Create a Kinky Curl
For even tighter textures and kinky coils, use a similar method as above. Instead of a perm rod, weave the hair of the extension over and under through a bobby pin. You can then secure it with a small rubber band or hair-tie, dip into hot water and let dry. To remove the bobby pin, you can gently slide it up and through the curl. Carefully pull the curl apart – you can separate the hair to make it as big as you want!

Who says you can’t show your support in a fun and chic way?! We want to see your Pink Curl selfies! For every selfie tagged #CurlsForACure, we’ll donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

See all of the Pink Curl selfies and share your stories on!

My Fight Against Breast Cancer

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In 2002 I was diagnosed with the same disease, at the same age, as was my mom. Breast cancer took my mother from me when I was 25 years old. The last year of her life was terrible; her loss embedded an empty feeling inside of me and took a piece of me with her. My kids, PJ and Sondriel, were 14 and 11 years old at the time of my diagnosis and I didn’t want to be taken away from my family the way my mom was taken from me. I had to take charge and be proactive in my own health.

I sought several opinions and under my doctor’s recommendations, I had a bilateral mastectomy and was put on Tamoxifen for 5 years. Taking into consideration my mom’s history, we proceeded with the hopes of completely clearing this disease from my body. I continue to stay on top of my wellness with regular doctors’ visits and am lucky to have family and friends around me. Through it all, my husband Peter and my two kids were my primary caregivers and my source of strength and support.


When I returned to work behind the chair I felt my experience was God’s way of letting me know my role on this planet. I’m alive because I am meant to help my clients and others who are going through, or are affected by, this disease. Having experienced this disease has made me a better hairdresser. I know I can help with the anxiety my clients are going through in their mind, body and with their hair. I have been able to empower my team and show them from a firsthand perspective how to work with their clients and how to be good listeners. Having this fountain of information regarding what to expect, knowing how to be there and how to manage hair and looks during the process has been healing for both me and for those I’ve been able to touch.

Though I made a full recovery, I vowed that my battle against breast cancer would remain ongoing.

My husband Peter and I established Curls for a Cure® because we firmly believe that we can beat breast cancer by helping fund the research that creates new treatments and ultimately finds a cure for this devastating disease. Being inducted into the Cancer Research and Treatment fund Hall of Fame on November 16, 2010 for my support to my clients is a great honor.


This year we are joining together with our partner salons and stylists to spread the word and raise awareness for this important mission.

Learn more about how you can get involved through our partnership with NaturallyCurly this year.