Ouidad Certified Trainings: How to Become a Hair Model

In addition to our Ouidad Flagship Salons in New York and Santa Monica, we’re continuously building our network of Certified Salons specially trained in our practices. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen our #OuidadModelSearch posts, in which we search for naturally curly hair models for training sessions in the Ouidad curl cutting and styling methods.

In order to become a Ouidad Certified Salon, the salon stylists undergo a rigorous 2-day training led by our education team. It’s always best to practice on real curls of all types and textures, so we typically recruit from the real world. How can you join in? Read on to find out more!


Becoming a Ouidad Certified Training Model

The Ouidad Certified Training is an in-depth course to help the stylists develop their curl eye, enabling them to approach curly, tight and kinky textures with full confidence. As a hair model, an experienced stylist will practice our trademarked cutting and styling method on your hair under the guidance of a Ouidad Certified stylist and educator. The cut itself will not be drastic – unless, of course, you want it to be! – as it’s more focused on bulk and movement rather than length.

When selecting hair models, we typically look for people with curly, tight and kinky textures. Hair must also be 4” or longer and feature no transitions or extensions. Models must also be 18 years or older and can typically expect to be at the salon training location for two to four hours.

After indulging in a complimentary haircut and style, models leave the salon with a Ouidad gift bag with additional products for them to experiment with in their at-home curl regimens!

Upcoming Ouidad Certified Training Dates

Have we convinced you to embrace your curls and to visit The Curl Experts yet? If so, check out our upcoming Ouidad Certified Training dates! For more details and to sign up, email a picture of your naturally curly hair to the Regional Education Manager at the location closest to you!

Flagship Salon – Manhattan, NY
Contact Our Education Team
October 26-27
November 16-17

Tri-State Locations
Contact Theadora
Upcoming Dates TBD - email for details!

Florida Locations
Contact Athena
November 9-10, Jacksonville

Illinois Locations
Contact Trisha
Upcoming Dates TBD - email for details!

Colorado Locations
Contact Trisha
Upcoming Dates TBD - email for details!

California Locations
Contact Claudia
Upcoming Dates TBD - email for details!

Oregon Locations
Contact Claudia
October 26-27, Portland

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Conditioning Your Curls: Tips from Our Stylists

The key to maintaining healthy curls is ensuring that they’re fed and moisturized. Curls are fragile and constantly lose moisture and nutrients, which is why feeding your hair is the foundation for maintaining healthy, managed and beautiful curls.

How does feeding your curls fit into your curly hair routine? Stylists from the Ouidad NYC Flagship Salon share a few insider tips!

Why It’s Important to Feed Your Curls

“Curly hair is naturally drier. I always tell my clients, ‘It’s like your skin. If it’s not hydrated, it doesn’t look or feel right.” – Melissa, Senior Stylist

Deep Conditioning Your Curls at Home

A staple for any Ouidad curl type regimen is the 12 Minute Deep Treatment. The unique blend of proteins and 21 Amino Acids in Deep Treatment relink the molecular layer within the hair cuticle, giving it manageability and strength.


“Who wants to just sit around at home in the summer? If you don’t have time to deep treat at home, apply the deep treatment to your hair, put on a plastic cap and a hat, then leave it in while you’re in the sun at the beach.” – Jason, Stylist & Certified Educator, sharing a helpful tip from Ouidad herself

“If you don’t have a hooded dryer, put on a hot towel. You can also style with it so that it’s sitting in your hair and working for a whole day.” – Melissa, Senior Stylist

Applying Leave-in Conditioners to Your Curls

A leave-in conditioner is another crucial step. The Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner helps seal the cuticle layer of your curls to add extra hydration while preventing frizz.

For people with thick, dehydrated hair, it’s best to use Moisture Lock after using a conditioning rinse that will help to detangle curls. For regular curls that are not significantly dry, Moisture Lock can also be used in place of your regular conditioner.

“For tighter curls, it’s also great for adding moisture before drying hair.” – Vincent, Senior Stylist


Have you tried Ouidad’s Deep Treatment or Moisture Lock Leave-in? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!


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