Best of the Press: Superfruit Renewal™ Clarifying Cream Shampoo

Monday, 4 August 2014 by Ouidad-The Curl Experts

It’s been just a few months since our Superfruit Renewal™ Clarifying Cream Shampoo has been out on the market and it’s been taking curls by storm. This gentle, sulfate-free cleanser effectively removes product build-up without stripping or drying out curls like other clarifying shampoos.


It seems like we’re not the only ones obsessed with this amazing smelling and effective cleanser. Here’s what others are saying:

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“A clarifying shampoo that doesn’t make your hair feel like straw?” Who would’ve known!

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Christine talked to our very own Morgan, Creative Director, for the scoop on Superfruit. “Ouidad has launched a new clarifying shampoo ‘Superfruit,’ which is a hydrating, moisturizing clarifier [...] When looking to do a conditioning treatment, start process with a cleaning, hydrated state…. First use Ouidad’s Superfruit to remove unwanted buildup to insure the best overall results when conditioning.”

Hooked on Beauty
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Why does Carissa call Superfruit one of the best clarifying shampoos she’s used in a while? “This is a gentle, sulfate-free formula that really cleans my hair completely without that ‘squeaky’ or dried out feeling. No sulfates mean no lather so I’m able to really massage my scalp and cleanse all of those shine-enhancing products that I use away so I can give my hair a fresh start. They use fruit acids from açai, blueberry, cranberry, papaya, and pomegranate instead of harsh chemicals to cleanse so my hair smells really fresh and looks bouncy and healthy.”

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Angie snatched the bottle as soon as it came across her desk. “I am in love with the grapefruit scent of this, and because it is a cream formula it is unlike any clarifying shampoo I have used before, which is a good thing! My hair comes out feeling very clean without leaving it feeling stripped.”

Have you tried the Superfruit Shampoo? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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8 Comments for “Best of the Press: Superfruit Renewal™ Clarifying Cream Shampoo”

  1. 1Karen foster

    How dose it do for color treated hair? Will it shorten the life of my color?

  2. 2Skye

    I bought this amazing shampoo the moment it was launched, and I simply adore it.

  3. 3Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    So glad to hear that, Skye! We love it, too :)

  4. 4Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Hi Karen! Our Superfruit Shampoo will help to remove product build-up, while still nourishing and hydrating the hair, which is certainly needed after coloring. Superfruit is safe to use on color-treated hair and it shouldn’t affect the color. We also have our Color Sense products specifically formulated for color-treated curls:

  5. 5Carol Dickson

    I use it 1-2x/week and my hair loves it! The grapefruit scent is wonderful too!

  6. 6Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Carol, that’s exactly what we want to hear!

  7. 7Georgie

    Great review! I’m not too familiar with clarifying shampoo but will definitely give it a try now :) Could you also review Vain Pursuits? I’d love to hear what you have to say about them!

  8. 8Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    We can’t wait for you to try Superfruit, Georgie! This is our brand blog, so we typically provide information and educational advice on our products, but we’re sure you can find some great reviews online from all of the fabulous beauty bloggers out there!

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