Get the Look: Tracy Reese New York Fashion Week F/W 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014 by Ouidad-The Curl Experts

Ouidad Creative Director Moran Willhite shares some tips on how to re-create the looks that were featured at the Tracy Reese Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week Show   

Ouidad at Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Fashion Show

For Naturally Tight Curly to Kinky Textures

Style Vision- Enhance the natural tight/kinky texture, while adding a “severe dramatic” side parting.

I was ecstatic when Tracy had this look on her inspiration board…. I LOVE the look of a Deep part on all curl textures!

To enhance the texture, we prepped the models dry hair with Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray. While the hair was setting, we manipulated the texture by using the Ouidad Double Detangler Styling Comb. Throughout the entire head, we used a “Place & Pull ” technique- placing the comb in at the root area and pulling outward to the mid-shaft area, then removing the comb from the hair. This technique allowed us to break up the curl pattern for maximum expansion, while leaving slight curl definition at the ends, achieving a full textured Afro appearance. Next,  we made the deep severe part by referencing the outer eyebrow as the guided point.  Starting at the hairline, we parted the hair using the “tail” of a rat-tail comb finishing 3-4 inches back at the crown of the head.

Again, using the “Place and Pull” technique separating the part until we achieved a full Afro with a side Deep-V cut out.

Finish with a fine mist holding hairspray. This will set the style, avoiding any closure to the Deep-V parting.


Ouidad at Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Fashion Show

For Naturally Looser Curl Textures

     Style Vision- Enhancing hair with a natural loose/wavy texture, with an overall effortless feel.

In order to bring out the natural curl on the models, a series of Ouidad texture products was used to help enhance the curl pattern.

We started with establishing the natural part on the models dry hair. Next we prepped the root area with Ouidad PlayCurl Volumizing Spray gaining lift at the base of the style. Once volume was achieved, we used the Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray. Unlike other sea salt sprays, ours achieves texture without a dehydrated finish. We simply pumped in the product throughout the hair, manipulating their natural curl pattern, while focusing on the back crown area for maximum texture. We finished the desired style with Ouidad Mongongo Oil, one spritz to the palms of the hand and gently smoothed out the appearance of any unruly flyaways.

Ouidad at Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Fashion Show

For Straight Hair, Creating a Loose/Wavy Texture

The technique we used to add texture on the models with naturally straight hair was created by Ouidad Stylist Jason, one of my go-to Ouidad New York stylists  for amazing texture tricks. The technique for creating texture is called the Figure 8.

Ouidad at Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Fashion Show

Using a large Bobbi pin, we created a V-shape by opening the pin to the width of the curl we were trying to achieve. The more you open the width of the pin, determines the size of the curl you are trying to achieve.  A big V will create a larger curl and a small V will create a smaller curl.

On dry hair, intertwine sections of hair between the Bobbi pin weaving in a Figure 8 formation-starting at the base of the pin (point of the V) working your way to the opening of the V. Using a ceramic hot iron on a low setting, gently press the figure 8 for 2-3 seconds. Remove iron and Figure 8, set and cool for 5 seconds. Gently release the hair from the pin. And there you have it….texture! Strategically place the Figure 8′s throughout the hair. Finish with Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray by running your fingersthrough the hair and gently scrunch to blend the texture.

Quick Expert Tip- Open 3-5 pins at different widths. Creating multiple textures within your style!

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