Easy Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

beat the heat

I don’t know about you but the thought of wearing my hair down in these hot summer months makes my neck sweat just thinking about it!

Here are a few quick up-styles that will help you feeling and looking cool.

To recreate these styles you will need a couple handbag ready accessories:  soft fabric hair tie, Bobbi pins and a scarf/or headband. (more…)

Curl Story: Chandler Wedding

Kat Tepelyan is a designer, technical adviser and founder of IGK – a branding & strategy company where she steals time to write. Learn more at http://www.igotkat.com.


Anna and Dylan Chandler (Bride & Groom) from their castle

When sweaty, happy dancing bounced my curls back into place well after dinner, I saw confidence restored to the faces of those I loved.

“There she is!”

Half of my friends hadn’t recognized me in the church at all. And the ones that did, regarded me suspiciously, like laughter wasn’t allowed with this hairdo.

“This is horrible hair.” I thought. “Never again.”

I told my hairdresser about my horrid week, and we decided I needed to be someone else for the day. She gooped product in after the cut and straightened my hair so radically, I became unrecognizable.


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