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Monday, 12 November 2012 by Guest Blogger

Food Heaven made Easy with Wendy & Jess is a monthly cooking/nutrition web-series. The show was created by Nutrition Educators Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones as a creative outlet to help under-served communities in New York City improve their diets and overall health. The show’s mission is to reduce the risk of obesity in NYC by demonstrating how to prepare a culturally diverse, delicious, quick and cost conscious meals at home.

About Jess

I’m a registered dietitian with an M.S. in nutrition from Brooklyn College. By day, I work as a Clinical Dietitian at the largest hospital in Brooklyn. By night, I love to write nutrition related articles and create recipes for our blog, Food Heaven Made Easy.

My Philosophy on Food

I’ve been a vegetarian since middle school. I don’t have anything against meat (when organic and consumed in moderation) I just don’t like the way it tastes. I didn’t know that “vegetarians” existed until middle school, when i went on a trip to visit my brother and his girlfriend who didn’t eat meat. There, I had my first ever garden burger- yum!- and declared my vegetarianism on the ride home. I haven’t eaten meat since. My philosophy is that food is love, and it should be enjoyed. Almost anything is fair game in moderation, so long as there is an emphasis on whole foods (including fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, beans and whole grains).

My Personal Style

If I had to pick three words to describe my style i would say colorful, comfortable and cost effective. Truth be told, i don’t like spending money on clothes. I love to visit thrift stores like the Goodwill to buy budget items. I also shop for a few pieces at places like H&M and discount fashion stores.

About My Hair

I love to have fun with my hair. Over the years, I’ve had both long and short styles, and I’ve worn bright red, blue black and blond colors. I was my hair about once a week. Recently I’ve been using Ouidad’s Curl Co-Wash. I’m the opposite of a product junkie, once I find something I stick with it for years!

About Wendy

I’m a Bronx native that strives to bridge the gap between food, health and community. I work as a health educator for Life is Precious, a suicide prevention program for young Latinas. I’m also pursuing a graduate degree in nutrition from Hunter College.

My Philosophy on Food

I grew up in a family that never put much emphasis on the importance of nutrition. We ate what we knew and what was available to us, and very rarely did this include fresh fruits and vegetables. In college, my health suffered the most. I was eating French Fries for dinner everyday, and was stuffing my face with mystery food that would knock me right to sleep. In my last year of college, I noticed that I was developing serious health complications, and decided that it was time to make some changes. I already knew what the issue was, and so I began weaning away from processed foods and meats, and increased my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. This made such a dramatic difference on my mind and body, and so I stuck with it.

My Personal Style

I’m a huge fan of clothing swaps and consider them a great way to get free funky clothing, and bond with sisters and friends. When i do have some money to splurge, I’ll go to small boutiques in the city, or support independent fashionistas that are doing their thing. I also hit up H&M and Forever 21 for some basics. Lastly, I can’t leave my house without some big earrings!

About My Hair

I love using jojoba oil and coconut oil because it’s so flexible! I use it for my skin, hair, and home. It leaves my hair super moisturized, my skin glowing, and serves as a great base for burning my essential oils. I also am loving Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil!

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