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Friday, 24 August 2012 by Ouidad-The Curl Experts

Experience Therapy Multiplied.

We are excited to introduce Mongongo Oil, a multi-tasking, super concentrated oil originating from the kernel of the Mongongo Tree in Zambia, Africa

For thousands of years, the native people have used the Mongongo  fruit, kernel and oil to nourish and protect their body, skin and hair. This “hair food” contains high Omega 6 and Vitamin E content, known for its regenerating and antioxidant properties.

Ouidad took the oil and infused it with American Palm Seed Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil and Castor oil to create a magical elixir that will transform and heal your tresses. Not only is this oil full of wonderful ingredients, it also does not include silicones, sulfates, parabens or any waxes which can coat the hair and weigh it down!

Mongongo Oil is a treatment that will work on any hair type, especially hair that is dry, damaged or needs extra nourishment. Ouidad’s “liquid gold” will restructure your hair as it deeply repairs damage to help combat frizz. The results from using Mongongo Oil will be noticed almost immediately and only improves as time goes on. If you are nervous about hair oils or have tried other oils only to be disappointed, don’t be. Mongongo oil is completely different- it will not make your hair look greasy or feel heavy at all.

So…how do I use Mongongo Oil?

Spray treatment in palms of hand, do not spray directly on scalp.

Work throughout clean, towel dried hair.

Comb through and style as usual


Why is it Multi-Use?

It can be used as a leave in treatment to seal in moisture

To speed up drying time

For a smooth, sleek blow out

As a heat protectant while Diffusing/Blow-Drying

To revive dull second day hair

On dry, split ends

To fix mid-day frizz and dullness

To add to Ouidad’s 12 Minute Deep Treatment for an extra turbo boost


How will it change my hair?

Hair becomes more manageable, looks shinier and feels so much softer

Mends and gives Dry/Damaged hair the moisture it needs

Adds instant shine

Helps with dreaded frizz


Check out what some of our favorite Curly bloggers are saying :

“Omg this stuff is soooooo nice! I’ve been trying to stretch this bottle, I’ve been just leaving it in on freshly washed hair as well as three-day old curlsand oh my god it is amazing.” –Richeau Breland, Youtube Vlogger- EmpressRi

“I have used other similar products that are out on the market and have to say that with the Mongongo Oil, it was love at first touch. It really helps to smooth out my hair, hide my split ends and make it feel soft and shiny. It doesn’t make my hair feel oily or greasy. I love it!” – Nicole Colon, Style Me Bad


I absolutely love the Ouidad Mongongo Oil!  I sprayed a bit in my palms and not only does it smell divine, it was the perfect refresher to my second day curls that began to dull!- Myleik Teele, CurlBOX Founder + CEO


“I am always leery of oils because my hair is fine and gets weighed down easily, but the Ouidad Mongongo Oil is super light! I was able to use it liberally to seal my hair after washing, and throughout the week to keep my hair moisturized.  It left my curls nice and bouncy with good sheen.”- Eboni Ife, The Fashionista Next Door


“My frizz was significantly more manageable…I received tons of compliments on my curls after my first application! I really felt like the Mongongo Oil was nourishing and protecting my hair as well. I definitely will keep this gem in my starting lineup of products!” -Simone Johnson, Youtube Vlogger- CurlyMissMonie


I’m not really big on putting products in my hair for styling because I don’t like it to feel heavy or oily at all.  But, that’s what makes Mongongo Oil great!  It’s not heavy, it’s not oily, and once it’s in your hair sucks it up and feels all happy and loved on.  Totally takes care of those dang-summer-is-humid-and-gross frizzies my hair just can’t seem to shake. While everything else looks all sweated out and blown up, my hair at least looks like it’s got it going on! – Amanda Rodriguez, Parenting By Dummies


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  1. 1diane

    mongongo oil is amazing!!! it is the best hair oil out there! =D

  2. 2Nisha

    Sounds interesting. I like trying different oils. I may to grab a bottle.

  3. 3Sky

    I have nearly called four times this week to place an order, and something keeps holding me back; the blog has definitely helped, but perhaps the price and the lack of silicones has halted me from making a purchase. I need only a teeny push, and then I order.

  4. 4Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Hi Sky, we would love to help you further with your questions on one one! Please don’t hesitate to call our Curl Experts at 1-800-677-HAIR (4247) or email at Thank you!

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