A Prayer for My Daughter…

Tuesday, 8 May 2012 by Guest Blogger

I wish so many things for my daughter. I hope she finds true love; the real kind, like I have with her father. I hope she becomes a leader, rather than a follower, even when it’s the harder course to choose. I hope that she always knows how very much she is loved. I wish for her a life full of happiness. I could go on all day. I want the world for her.

And, then there are my other hopes…the hair prayers.

• I pray that she never take a scissors to her hair, in an effort to “try” out bangs.

• If her hair becomes curly, I pray that she listens to my sage advice against brushing and in support of product.

• I pray, with all my might, that lice never again infests her glorious locks.

• I pray she never wonders how her naturally chestnut hair would look platinum blond.

• Please, hair Gods, let her resist Sun-In and Lemon juice, unlike her mother.

• I pray that she never forget that she’s chewing gum while falling asleep, resulting in a large chuck of hair needing to be cut out.

• I pray that she appreciates the hair she has been given, instead of longing for the opposite.

And, in the name of our own hair issues, let us all say: Amen.

What are some hair prayers for your curly kids?

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41 Comments for “A Prayer for My Daughter…”

  1. 1tehamy

    I hope that my son appreciates how beautiful his curls are. I hope that when he’s old enough decide how he wants his hair cut, that he doesn’t cut it short to hide his curls.

  2. 2Johanna

    All my kids are curly and I am happy they all LOVE their hair the way it is…

  3. 3Kristin Shaw

    I feel you on the Sun-in thing. I was orange for awhile. Please tell me that stuff isn’t on the market any more!

  4. 4Shaela Toni

    I pray that my 3 daughters soak in what I’m teaching them at an early age and loving and caring for their kinks and curls so that they may never make the mistake of using creamy crack.

  5. 5Dina

    My prayer is that my beautiful daughters realize their beauty starts from their insides. The hair they have is as perfect as the Lord made it..something I wish I learned when I was a child.

  6. 6KAYLA


  7. 7Lauren

    This is a little different, but in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to say a prayer for my mother. My gorgeous, smart, compassionate, curly-haired mother, who gave me two of the greatest gifts: life, and thick, curly hair!
    I am so grateful of my gorgeous locks and equally appreciative to have a mother who pushes me and supports me in all that I do.

    Love you, mom!

  8. 8Carol

    Curly hair is just awesome especially on kids

  9. 9annamaria

    curly had can be managed very well and control frizz-shes adorable and was mom teaches her would be the greatest exsperience<i have wavy and i could blow it straight or leave it natural.love moisture lock.

  10. 10Melissa

    I hope that my teenage son comes to the understanding that Ouidad products are not “girl products” and that they will transform his dry curly hair into hydrated healthy curls that the girls will go CRAZY for!!

  11. 11JoAnn F.

    I wish my girls would appreciate their curly hair and quit using the straightener

  12. 12Carlie

    I hope my daughter never asks me for a relaxer or a keratin treatment. I also hope that one day, when someone asks her who does her hair, she says proudly, “My mom.”

  13. 13Maribel C

    I pray that my daughter loves herself as how she is, how God made her.

  14. 14Brenda Wood

    I pray she one day appreciates her beautiful curls and doesn’t damage it by too much use of the flat iron.

    So far it is still vibrant and shiny…. pray it stays this beautiful.

  15. 15Kimberly Storey

    I have 4 children. I am birthmother to 2 of them (meaning I gave birth to them & they were adopted)and I have 2 children that are full fledged mine that are with me.

    My prayers for all my children, but especially my daughter that is lost to me now, is that her hair be curly and crazy like mine. I pray that she be healthy & happy & that the family that she is being raised with is taking wonderful care of her and telling her that I loved her. I pray that when she looks in the mirror she wonders where her short height, bad temper, and curly hair comes from & from wanting to know those things come the desire to want to know me and who I am.

    “in my daughters eyes” is a song that touches me. I have long had the dream that my daughters and I would have times that we would sit & be together before I passed away…..while that dream for me seems to be not to be, at the very least I can pray that everything in life I wanted for my children are especially true for my Emily. She is without the benefit of my knowledge of how hats hide a multitude of sins, headbands are miracles, and never cut today what can’t be back tomorrow. Her adoptive Mom has very straight hair & she may not know these things.

    If you know Emily Scott, please tell her that I love her & she is on my mind and in my prayers all-the-time.

  16. 16Kathy

    I pray she never cuts her bangs off like I did!!

  17. 17Shana F

    I pray that my son keeps his curly hair short-ish and never tries the “Slash” look.

  18. 18Marion S

    I pray that my daughter embraces her gorgeous curly locks and never irons them!

  19. 19Kari

    I hope my curly little lady always embraces her curls as a part of her identity like she does now. My Noodle girl!

  20. 20Crystal Warren

    I hope my daughter realizes she has the most gorgeous hair on earth and never tries to chance the color or texture.

  21. 21Amber Mauceri

    I pray that my children understand that their strength does not lay in their locks..that with or without hair they’re each uniquely Beautiful*

  22. 22charlotte hess

    I pray that my daughter never again bleaches her hair and has it dyed hot pink.

  23. 23Melissa

    I wish that my daughter will see herself as I see her – a beautiful girl, inside and out. I pray that it doesn’t take her as long as it took me to feel comfortable with her hair (oh how I wish I had Ouidad years ago!)

  24. 24Julie

    I’m grateful that my 2nd daughter, the one that inherited my curls actually likes her hair. I grateful that I know better than to use thinning shears on her hair or to tell her to brush it 100 times every night like my step-dad made me do in order to try to make my hair behave. I’m thankful that I can direct her toward hair products that enhance her curls and I know to let her borrow my blow dryer with the diffuser attachment. I’m glad she only let my sister straighten her hair once and doesn’t ask to use her sister’s straightener. I pray that she always loves her beautiful bouncy curls that reflect her sweet personality exactly.

  25. 25Angelica

    I hope to find out soon, what kind of hair my infant son will have. curly? straight? red? brown? he has no hair yet. :)

  26. 26Rakel Thordardottir

    I wish that my daughter will have an experience hair dresser in her future. Someone who will know how to work with curly hair.

  27. 27Diane

    I want my girls to understand that beauty. Omes from within and to have confidence in themselves.

  28. 28Laurie

    I pray that my two daughters grow up to be strong independent women who will make a difference in the world. And I pray that they hold their heads up high and show off their beautiful long curly locks all the days of their lives.

  29. 29Michelle B.

    I pray it doesn’t take my daughter until she is 33, like it did me, to figure out how to take care of her curls properly.

  30. 30Pat S

    I hope that my child always has fun with her natural curls.

  31. 31Beth

    My daughter is so lucky to have the most wonderful, talented and understanding hairstylist in the world … her father! My prayers for her in that department were answered long ago. Thankfully she will never have to experience the trauma of sitting in a stylists chair, blind without her glasses, and hearing the stylist go “ooh”… “ummm”, “oops” because the stylist has no clue what to do with curly hair, and doesn’t have the guts to say so. I pray my daughter will always be surrounded by people who support her and love discovering every day the woman she is becoming instead of trying to make her into someone she’s not.

  32. 32Donna

    I pray that my 10 year old curly haired daughter who is already skilled at styling her beautiful hair differently each day would teach her curly haired Mom (who spends five minutes a day on her own hair) how she does it!

  33. 33April

    I pray that my child will appreciate her own uniqueness and beauty – with her curly hair, and feel free and inspired by what mother nature has given her….I pray that she feel blessed and special.

  34. 34MB

    I hope my children have lifetimes of beautiful, healthy hair and bodies.

  35. 35Peggy Bayer

    Both of my daughters are grown and inherited my naturally curly hair. The oldest straightens hers most everyday, my prayer is, she would become more like her younger sister and start embracing the curls. My youngest loves Ouidad products and tells me I need to try them all the time. Maybe if I win, I will.

  36. 36Jen Simmons

    My daughter inherited my curly hair. My wish for her is that no one makes fun of her full head of curls. I was harassed and made fun of all through elementary school and into junior high because I had thick, curly hair. I would come home in tears and pray that my hair would miraculously turn straight. So my prayer for my girl is that she will love her curls no matter what others say about them. They’re just jealous!

  37. 37Elisse

    I don’t have kids, so my comment is based on my experiences. My hair was straight as a board- so I permed it, for decades- as my mom did (and still does; she’s 89 and has been perming her hair since her mother decided she should look like Shirley Temple, ca. 1928…) As a teen I went DIY “strawberry blond”, which wound up as three colored stripes of hideousness; I did Sun In, etc. In my 40s I was VERY blond for a while… and in my mid 20s I was pink for about 6 months, too. After I was sick and it all fell out when I was 29, it grew back in curly: I called it “G-d’s thank you present” for surviving pancreatitis! I LOVED my REAL curly hair! But NOW, at the age of 53, although I am Trying to Love My Curls and do use Ouidad products which make loving them almost fun sometimes, I find myself going to the salon periodically so they can blow dry it into perfect glassy smoothness which I simply cannot do. Moral: we Always want what we don’t have- no matter what we have! :-)

  38. 38Maria Malaveci

    I will pass on to her that her curls are beautiful.

    Never brush. Never overwash. Conditioner is a curls best friend and don’t touch your hair when it is drying

  39. 39Laura

    I hope that my curly-hair children love their curly hair even though it’s different from the other children’s hair–and as a result will be able to see the non-conformist beauty in everyone else, too.

  40. 40az_debra

    Though their hair is different than mine, I pray that my children love their tight, curly hair for its beauty. Both daughters have come into their own with working with their curls, both are very different than each other. It is so true that we all wish we had different hair than we are born with.

  41. 41Jackie

    I pray my daughter will love every single curly strand of hair on her head, despite the seaweed that will get caught in it, the humidity that will cause it to frizz, the impossible tangles that will form, the bad haircut she will inevitably get some day, and the annoying question, “how do you get your hair that way?!” because her curly hair is what makes her HER.

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