Dress Up Your Curls for the Holidays!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 by Morgan

Not sure how to spruce up your curly tresses for those special Holiday parties and gatherings? Here are the latest Fall/Winter trends according Ouidad Creative Director, Morgan, of the Santa Monica Flagship salon.

Braided Updo image via hairboutique.blogspot.com

The Braided Updo: Braids have been quite the trend for this years fall fashion. With the holidays right around the corner, we transform our look by giving it an elegant finish. We now have an excuse to be a bit “over the top” with our hair. The braid trend, was more of a loose unkept, look. The holiday updo trend is more of a smooth finished braid that’s pinned around the top of the head. This works for mid to long length hair.

Taylor Swift image via marieforum.com

The Medieval  Updo - This is great for naturally curly hair. Loosely pin your hair, either high on the top of your head, or low towards the nape. Take small sections and secure with a bobby pin. This is not a perfected finished updo! Allow the curls to loosely drape, letting pieces fall and frame the face. Off centering the updo is also a great look.

Ciara image via opooae.wordpress.com

The Pony Tail- It’s sexy, sleek and best of all EASY!! Use a boar bristle hair brush to achieve that tight smooth finish. Try to match your elastic to your hair color, which gives the ponytail more of a polished look. You can wear the ponytail high, low or from side to side. It takes less then 5 minutes and can be done on all hair types. Because it’s a simple updo, you can dress it up with great jewelery.

Amanda Seyfried image via glamour.com

Accessories- If you decide to wear your hair down, a great trend right now is small barrettes. Whether the barrette is simple or has rhinestones, it’s a cute touch. Can be worn with a smooth blowdry or curly style. A few ways to wear the barrette would be to pin back the sides. The main trend is to wear one.  Off center the barrette by pinning back the hair that tends to fall in the face.

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4 Comments for “Dress Up Your Curls for the Holidays!”

  1. 1debbie larson

    love your products, it has really tamed my curls and frizz, thanks.

  2. 2Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Thank you for commenting! Glad you are loving your curls! :-)

  3. 3Deanie Penney

    Hi, I am wondering if you ever work with people with short curly hair? I am too old for long hair and my style is very cute but I don’t see anything on your website about us people who don’t have long hair! Wish I’d see something~

  4. 4Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Hi Deanie! Yes, we definitely work with short hair types. We are working to provide additional curly hair photos of all curl types and lengths to our site in the near future, so thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned here on the Ouidad Blog!

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