Ouidad has changed my curly haired life!

Thursday, 10 November 2011 by Guest Blogger

I was so excited for my visit to the Ouidad Flagship Salon in New York City this past Saturday. I also have to admit I was skeptical too. I’ve tried so many different hair products with mediocre results.

However, I had a great time and my hair came out super curly and did not frizz at all! Woohoo!! I also learned so much from Sondriel, my stylist, about taking care of my curls. My curls were pampered and restored with a Deep Treatment and Carve and Slice cut!

Me and Sondriel at the Ouidad NYC Salon!

Before my treatment and cut!

1. The way you cut your hair affects your curls.
I had no idea that the way my hair was being cut was causing my curls to look and fall terribly around my face! Sondriel cut out some of the bulk in my hair using Ouidad’s Carve and Slice technique and I instantly saw a difference. Curly hair cannot be cut the same way as straight hair.

2. Not all hair gels are created equal.
Sondriel used Tress Effects over Curl Quencher Gel on my hair because of its memory interlock to help my hair remember the shape of its curls. It also has a stronger hold. I needed this product because my hair has been so used to being straight it forgot how to be curly!

3. Your curls need to be conditioned.
The more you condition your hair, the less styling product you will need to use. It’s recommended that you condition your hair at least twice a month. Ouidad’s 12 Minute Deep Treatment will do the job!

Every person who left the salon had a head full of gorgeous curls including myself! I rocked my curls to the Kanye West & Jay-Z Concert that night at Madison Square Garden!

Kanye and Jay-Z rocking on stage!

I will definitely be returning to the salon. Thank you so much, Ouidad!


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6 Comments for “Ouidad has changed my curly haired life!”

  1. 1Susan Scruggs

    I have heard of your product,but have not tried it. I have curly hair and want more curl but not frizz I would love to try it if you have samples. Please let me know. Thank you, Susan

  2. 2Melissa

    How exciting! I would love to get styled at Ouidad!

  3. 3Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Thank you, we would love to see you in the salon someday soon!

  4. 4steph

    Who would think there’s so much that goes into curly hair you don’t paid attention to. I def wannna get styled one day.

  5. 5Claire

    those products sound divine! i could use some soft gorgeous hair :)


  6. 6Ouidad-The Curl Experts

    Hi Susan- Keep an eye on The Ouidad Blog by subscribing to our RSS feed on the right. We will have giveaways and curl treats in the near future. Also stop by our Facebook Page for future sample giveaways. Thanks for reading!

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