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Why Ouidad Salons?

For more than 30 years Ouidad has been studying, treating, styling and educating curly-haired clients in her Manhattan (and now Santa Monica) salons. Her years of hands-on experience with every imaginable curl type led to the development of an award winning product line and the creation of trademarked cutting and styling techniques for which her salons are now known.

Every stylist at the Ouidad salons has undergone extensive training with a focus on the key aspects of curl care. Trained under Ouidad, they are masters of the Carve & Slice method of cutting and skilled in Ouidad Salon styling and finishing techniques. Stylists are also experts regarding the Ouidad products with extensive knowledge of formulations, application and product recommendation.

It is the mission of Ouidad salons that every client leaves confident with their curls and has a style that is easy to manage and maintain day after day. Visit a Ouidad salon and learn to love your curly hair.

Ouidad Cut: Carving & Slicing

Carving & Slicing is a Ouidad unique haircut created 25 years ago specifically with your curls and waves in mind. It’s so unique that the US Trademark Office recognizes it with its own trademark. Essentially, Carving & Slicing removes the bulk associated with the dreaded "pyramid" look, while preserving and enhancing your natural curl pattern. This combination produces well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces creating healthier, more manageable curls. It's only available at Ouidad salons so beware of stylists claiming to "Carve & Slice" without the intense training, knowledge and understanding of curly hair that only the Curl Experts at Ouidad salons receive.

Color & Highlights

Did you know that curly hair requires special formulas and techniques to ensure healthy shine and color that lasts? Ouidad's color experts use state-of-the-art formulations and application processes that lock in color and prevent premature fading and brassiness for vibrant color and shine. Demi or semi permanent formulas are best for coloring curly hair. Curly hair tends to be drier, which makes for a more vulnerable starting point. Ouidad uses a dual-step coloring approach that mixes color with conditioners, glazes, and vitamins to balance the dimension of color on curly hair and promote tone longevity and vibrancy.

Ouidad Softening System

Re-form curls and go from kinky to softer waves in no time with Ouidad's exclusive Softening System. This treatment works to soften out-of-control curls and adds shine, making them more maintenance free and healthy looking. Softening is not a straightening system as it does not contain the harsh ingredients that standard straightening does. The Ouidad exclusive softening system uses half the amount of processing ingredients in combination with a deep treatment that is tailored to each client. Results are looser curl patterns that allow for a completely customized curl or wave. The process includes a complete analysis of one's individual curl pattern, gentle treatment application and Deep Treatment sealant/conditioning. Benefits last up to 3-4 months and the treatment can be used as a "spot softener" to even out your curl pattern all over.

Luxe Mediteranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp Treatment

This luxurious treatment rejuvenates curls and scalp by addressing slow hair growth, increased hair shedding, hair dullness and dehydrated scalp. Ouidad heard from clients who were experiencing hair loss and scalp build-up, partly due to infrequent shampooing which led to hair follicles being blocked and hair roots being dehydrated. Ouidad developed this treatment with rare Bay Leaf Oil imported from Lebanon where she had experienced its restorative qualities. Blended with a fine grained natural exfoliant in a base of amino acids with moisturizing and re-structuring proteins, the bay leaf oil helps grow hair by penetrating the hair bulb and stimulating blood circulation, helps prevent hair from falling out when massaged into scalp, and gives luster to the hair. This luscious experience will exfoliate dry scalp, inspire healthy growth, and reinvigorate hair by stimulating the hair root.

Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment

The ultimate anti-aging boost for hair, wake up tired-looking, stressed curls with the Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment. As hair ages, it becomes more fragile, often resulting in a dull, lackluster appearance. Ouidad’s proprietary moisturizing cocktail rebuilds hair’s structure and returns it to radiance. A complex blend of organic Omega-3 oils and enzymes, amino acids, and lightweight wheat and soy proteins improve hair’s condition. The treatment also stimulates blood circulation through an invigorating scalp massage. For extreme damage, Ouidad suggests an Omega-3 Revitalizing Treatment every other week until hair is revived, and once a month thereafter to keep it super-lustrous and full of life.

Ouidad Damage Control

The Damage Control Treatment was designed to combat serious damage that chemical processes have caused (think thermal, chemically straightened, Japanese relaxers, etc). These harsh chemical treatments weaken hair internally and cause that damaged (frizzy, straw-like) look to fried curls. Ouidad has come to the rescue with Damage Control, which is formulated using full strength proteins and vitamins to penetrate into the cortex layer and "re-pump" damaged molecules. Hair is gradually re-strengthened and revitalized with this intense reparative approach. For the most damaged, Ouidad recommends regular treatments (every 2 weeks) to see vast improvement to curls’ health and appearance.

Ouidad Deep Treatment

Your hair’s had a rough time lately, but not quite ready for Damage Control? Ouidad Deep Treatment is the foundation for restoring and maintaining your hair's health and beauty. Due to a curl's tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish the mane's strength, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Used with heat, the mix of proteins and Amino Acids effectively penetrates hair to bond with the cuticle, leaving hair revived and restructured for enhanced performance.

Sun Shield Treatment

Like SPF for your hair, the Ouidad Sun Shield in-salon treatment is designed to protect curls from the sun's damaging rays with a unique combination of UV filters, conditioners, and glazing to protect color treated hair. Sun Shield was created to help clients keep their curls and color in good condition, preserve shine and provide protection from the elements. Each treatment lasts for 4 to 6 weeks and is formulated with deep penetrating ingredients like amino acids and protein in a base of an organic clear glaze to help seal in the conditioner and protect from the sun. This is perfect for those summer months when your curly hair is exposed to more sun, salt, and chlorine than usual.

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