Who Is Ouidad?

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  • 1960Growing up in Lebanon, Ouidad is teased mercilessly about her crazy curls

    1973Ouidad moves to Rhode Island and works for a salon

    1974Begins cutting and styling hair in Paris, London & Italy

    1978Moves to NYC and works with the cast of Evita

    1979Win Best Stylist at North American Hairstyling Awards

    1979Begins experimenting with her own product formulations

    1980…repeats the win

    1981…repeats the win

    1981Styles hair for major ad campaigns including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, The Gap, American Express and Benetton

  • 1982Meets future partner in business and life, Peter Wise (they marry despite his straight hair)

    1984Ouidad develops first product, Deep Treatment, used only in the salon

    1984Ouidad and Peter flip a coin (she wants a salon, he wants a restaurant.) Heads wins. They open a salon.

    1984Ouidad opens the country’s first curly hair salon on 9th Avenue in NYC

    1986Deep Treatment’s first editorial feature in Town & Country

    1987Clear & Gentle Shampoo, Balancing Rinse Conditioner, Tress F/X and Styling Mist products are launched. Peter begins a mail order business from the salon

    1990The mail order business gets its own home in Connecticut

    1994Ouidad salon has firmly established reputation as the curly hair experts

    1995New styling and finishing products are launched

    1996Ouidad.com goes live

  • 1998Ouidad trademarks her “Carving & Slicing”® technique. Ouidad crowned “Queen of Curl” by national beauty editors

    1999Climate Control launches, named “Best Defrizzer” by Allure magazine

    2000Start of the Certified Salon Network – 5 salons across the country train in Carve & Slice technique

    2001Ouidad beats breast cancer

    2001Curl Talk book by Ouidad released for national distribution

    2004KRLY Kids and PlayCurl Lines launch

    2004Salon moves into new 57th Street home in NYC

    2004Ouidad partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and launches “Curls for a Cure” fundraising campaign

  • 2006Sun Shield launches under its original name, Summer Shield

    2008Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner launches

    2008Ouidad makes her first appearance on HSN, curly viewers rejoice. Ouidad’s 2nd Flagship salon opens in Santa Monica, CA

    2009Ouidad launches new packaging and a new logo

    2009Certified salon network expands to 50 salons across the country. Products launch in Sephora nationwide

    2010 and beyond› New certified salons› New exceptional products› Same curl mission