Your Hair’s New Best Friend: Curl Primers

Thursday, 30 October 2014 by Ouidad-The Curl Experts

When you apply your makeup in the morning – that is, when you’re not already running 10 minutes late – you may start with a primer before applying the rest of your “face.” You minimize pores and create a smooth and even surface for your makeup to enhance or highlight your natural beauty. Given our philosophy that the skin on your head is the same as the skin on your face, why should your curls be any different?

Why Priming Your Curls is Important

Due to the way curly hair grows, it’s extremely porous and the hair strand may be inconsistent. This is especially true if your curls are frequently subjected to heat styling, chemicals or other environmental factors. Because of this, products will absorb into your strands at different levels. This could be why you notice your hair looks extremely moisturized or holds better in some areas, while feeling dry or lacking product in others. Using a primer helps to restore moisture and essentially “fills in” some of those gaps in your strands so that products absorb evenly and, ultimately, work more effectively.

How to Prime Your Curls

While Cleansing: Use a cleanser like the Curl Recovery Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil that not only gently removes dirt and build-up, but also restores essential moisture for optimal curl formation. The Cleansing Oil envelopes the hair shaft with concentrated fatty acids that are vital to rebuilding, nourishing and protecting your curls – much like your hair’s natural oils that are typically depleted due to the nature of curly hair. (Pro tip: use the Cleansing Oil for regular shampooing to help your curls regain softness and shape, or use it as an additional cleanser to replenish natural oils.)


Prior to Styling: Before setting your curls with a styler, you can prime them with Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer. It glides onto curls with deeply hydrating nutrients to elevate moisture within the hair cuticle and to smooth frizz. It also creates the perfect canvas by reestablishing your natural curl pattern for easy styling with your preferred gel or cream!


Have you added one of these “curl primers” to your regimen? Tell us in the comments below!

Our Favorite #CurlsForACure Pink Curl Selfies

Monday, 27 October 2014 by Ouidad-The Curl Experts

To bring attention to our Curls for a Cure program in a big way, we introduced the limited edition Pink Curl Extension this year. We tasked you with getting involved and sharing your selfies to help raise funding and awareness for breast cancer research so that we can eradicate this terrible disease in our lifetime.

Well, you listened – and you got involved! Here are just a few of our favorite Pink Curl selfies:


There’s still time! Order your Pink Curl Extension for $10 and get free shipping. 100% of the purchase price will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation through Curls for a Cure. If you share your selfie with #CurlsForACure, we’ll donate an additional $1!

See all #CurlsForACure pictures and other ways to get involved on NaturallyCurly, our wonderful partner this year!

Allies in Our Fight to Find a Cure

Thursday, 23 October 2014 by Ouidad-The Curl Experts

Not only are we joined with NaturallyCurly in the fight against breast cancer, but we’ve also partnered with some of the best in the blogosphere through Curls for a Cure! See the creative ways that these top bloggers showcased their support and helped raise awareness (and funding!) for breast cancer research.

Dallas Shaw
Go-to fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw created this custom illustration using the Pink Curl Extension as inspiration. Her talent helped to demonstrate how easy it is to rock the Pink Curl while still looking chic. (She’s also hosting a giveway for the curl on her blog!)



Sazan Barzani is a fashion and beauty expert with fantastic natural curls. For her video, she featured the Pink Curl in big, loose waves and straight styles for our friends who haven’t yet joined the curly hair revolution.

Stripes & Sequins
Grace Atwood wore the Pink Curl Extension with several stylish outfits. She also shared the Ouidad products she’s been a fan of when it comes to creating textured waves. What’s more? She hosted an exciting giveaway offering 10 readers custom curl regimens. We can’t wait to see what they think of the products!



The Style & Beauty Doctor
Coined The Style & Beauty Doctor, Danielle Gray also provided great inspiration for weaving the Pink Curl Extension into your casual daywear. Even better, she provided a mini-tutorial on altering the extension’s texture with the woven, figure-8 bobby pin trick that we also used to create tight and kinky curls.

Style and Beauty Doctor - Danielle (2)


Trop Rouge
Rising fashion it-girl Christina of Trop Rouge went the funky route when incorporating the extension into her fabulous mane of curls. She has impeccable street style, and the pop of pink added some extra edge!


We’re sure you’ve seen a sea of pink this October, but we’re convinced that this level awareness should last 365 days a year – not just one month on the calendar. Share your words of encouragement and find out how else you can get involved in #CurlsForACure with NaturallyCurly.